Can Sadaf Kanwal Get A Break From All The Bashing?

She is known for speaking her mind, she is blunt in her captions and is fierce in her looks, but her recent photo shoot with a famous magazine did get her into trouble …for maybe looking too fierce?

Sadaf Kanwal had gotten short hair and a nude makeup look done for her photo shoot, she was looking confident and bore a look that said ‘I’m so hot.’ Many people actually praised her for her look, unfortunately, another other people thought she looked very bad and started bashing her.

The model had posted a photo from her shoot, where everyone started calling her names to the point that they started cursing her and blaming her for being a bad influence.

Some of the comments included; “Just Lanat on you,” “she looks hilarious! is that a Halloween costume?” “Seriously girl u deserve Hell…Lanati! Sharam kar,” “Pakistan nanga hua jaraha hai Allah maaf kary,”

Using extreme words and curses is not going to prevent her from continuing to pose in photos like this and our society should be a little more tolerating than this.

Sadaf was only making a strong image of herself, and this is who she is. She’s bold, confident with an intense personality. Her career as a model will show these sides of her as well, we should try acknowledging that and not point too much hatred towards this photo.

Those people who don’t appreciate what she looked like should keep their criticisms either to themselves or share them in a less harsh tone.


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