Farhan Saeed giving updates about his movie Tich Button

Farhan Saeed is one in all the foremost famous vocalists of the country who has had collaborations within the Pakistani and Indian show business. For the past decade, Farhan has held a special place within the showbiz together with his songs.

Bound with dazzling looks and character, Farhan made his TV debut with ‘De Ijazat Tu’ and has gotten recognition for shows like “Suno Chanda” while is featuring in various undertakings.

Farhan Saeed and Tich Button!

As of late, Farhan discussed his new venture named ‘Tich Button” and the inspirations for the film referring to his underlying viewpoint of the film and his present conviction that it is actually quite difficult.

The film highlights Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, Iman Ali, and Sonya Hussain which are all settled characters of showbiz industry.

Farhan has remarked on his experience as a maker “To be honest It was difficult to work while shooting for a film as a producer. The film is a very difficult thing to do, It’s just like a war which you have to fight every day till the shooting of the film is completed”.

Farhan has additionally praised his fellow actors, and the group during the recording as the genius expressed,” We did the shooting in difficult times and difficult scenarios. I’m thankful to all the actors for tolerating us. They all were actors, It was not a big deal if they wouldn’t have come along with us every time, but they did. They all were very cooperative”. The cast is cheerful that the crowd would appreciate the film.

farhan saeed

In spite of the fact that the undertaking is finished the circumstance because of COVID-19 projects a shadow on the arrival of the film as the makers expect to deliver the film in a substantially more good circumstance.

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