Mira Sethi’s engagement announcement turns into memes!

Is this the Autumn season or season of love? Celebrities are back to back tieing the knot, when we are not done obsessing and admiring Deepika and Ranvir’s wedding pictures, Mira Sethi a renowned Pakistani actor and a daughter of famous journalist Najam Sethi becomes the talk of the town when she shared her winsome and heartfelt love story with her finance, Bilal Siddiqui.



let’s take a look at what she said about her fiance,

“In the spring of 2017, a tall, funny, curly-haired dude walked into my life. I’d known this curly-haired dude all my life — in the way you know your parents’ friends’ kids — but we’d never sought each other out. (Weirdly enough, Bilal and I overlapped at Oxford in 2008—he was doing his Ph.D., I was spending my junior year abroad. But we never looked each other up, never bumped into each other in that tiny cobbled town.)”

After sharing this story on Instagram, she became an iconic meme and it has created a storm over social media especially the part where she mentioned

“Bilal biked ahead so I could follow him. He would slow his bike down every few minutes and ask, “Tum theek ho? Thand tou nahi lag rahi?”

“Theek houn!” I’d shout over the wind, pedaling furiously to keep up with him.

This line really caught a lot of people’s attention and the memes and tweets are hilarious!

The dialogue has kind of become an iconic dialogue just like from one of those indian movies!
After all this, we thought Mira might get offended but even she enjoyed it and found all the criticisms amusing.
She reacted very positively and posted a tweet about it.
We wish you all the best for future, Mira and thank you for spreading positive vibes through out. I hope we all get someone in our lives who can ask us  “thand toh nahi lag rahi?” Lol

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