Nadia Jamil’s comeback on the screen with a big role.

She has finally ended her hiatus and is now planning to take over our TV with her great acting skills and now with her big role.

Since 2011, Nadia had been suffering from epilepsy and is now taking her regular medicine so that her professional life does not get jeopardized. Now that’s what we call dedication. And we are very excited to be seeing back in full-fledge.

According to Jamil’s tweet, she wasn’t feeling too well with severe headaches and seizures but she is feeling a lot better now and has missed everyone a lot. She will be returning on television with her new drama soon and wants our prayers and support.

We still don’t know what her new drama will be about or what her new role is, but Nadia has shared this with everyone that it is a tough and daring role.

Nadia Jamil has been entertaining her audience on TV for a long time now and after her announcement that she will be coming back on TV with a new project, which we are very excited to see.

Her new drama will be airing in the summer of 2019.

Lots of love and prayers for you Nadia!

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