Short & Sweet with Mashal Khan

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself?

A: A city girl who likes the peace and quiet of my own home. I love love love animals. I grew up in Karachi where I attended KGS, and then McGill in Montreal. I have two sisters and three feline children


Q) How would you describe your role in Suno Chanda?

A: Annoying

Q) Any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

A: Yes! I have a very interesting project coming up which will air on ARY. I’m looking forward to everyone getting to watch it.


Q) Would you like to share any beauty or health/fashion tips?

A: Hydrate, ice, moisturise!

Q) Your thoughts on women empowerment?

A: Necessary for the growth of any country. If a country’s population consists of 1:1 men:women, if country A makes x amount just via male labour and male work force. X amount can easily converted to 2x simply by allowing women to join the work force. So honestly, only dimwits would be against women empowerment.


What is your favorite…


Color: Blue

Print: Floral

Items of clothing: Pyjamas

Jewelry: Small hoop earrings

Designer/s: Rizwan Beyg

Bag/s: Anything made without animal products

Shoe Brand/s: Aldo (faux leather/ faux skin/ faux fur only)

Singer/Songs: The Weekends, new album these days

Nail Polish Color: Dark enough to scare people

Book: Eleven Minutes -Paulo Coelho

Food: Tofu

Movie: Edward Scissor Hands and Spirited Away

T.V Show: Grace and Frankie!

Vacation destination: Anywhere with a spa

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