One on One with Ghana Ali

Presenting talk of the town, Ghana Ali! She is well known for playing intense roles and taking on different challenging characters. W.O talks to her one on one.


Q) What attracted you to begin a career as an actress/model?
A: I always wanted to become an actress from day one. Even when I was young, that is the one thing I always wanted to do, I’m like right now living my dream.

Q) Who are the best photographer/director/producer/designer/co-star you like to work with?
A: For photographers I have a really good compatibility with Raza Jaffri so I like to work with him, other than that I really like Shahbaz Qazi, there are plenty of photographers I like, Omair and many others. Favourite director in dramas would be Farooq Rind. Designer is Elan. Co stars I like to work with are Noman Ijaz and Sami Khan.

Q) People still remember your character in Rangreza, do you have any memorable event to share with us?
A: Rangreeza in its entirety was very memorable for me. Everything from promotions to shoot dates everything was like memorable all together it was like a family. I learnt a lot from Bilal, he taught me a lot when it comes to promotions. There was no any specific moment but all together Rangreeza was a very memorable film of my life.

Q) Any beauty or health/fashion tips?
A: Drink a lot of water which I don’t really follow but yes have lots of water. About fashion tips I mean do whatever makes you comfortable, make sure whatever you do, you should be at ease in your skin.

Q) How was your experience working as Maria in Hania?
A: Qasim Ali Mureed, the director, is one of my finest friends so with Hania the experience was amazing, the comfort level with the cast was already developed. It was a great experience.

Q) If given a chance what steps would you take for making improvements in the media industry?
A: I will pay people on time. I will make sure I complete the spell within one spell, won’t want to drag things. I will try my best to complete things in one go. I will try to give payment in one go so that people don’t hesitate to work with me.

Rapid Fire
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Colour you like the most: White
Favorite singer/band: Guns and Roses & Cold Play
Favorite eating out place: In Karachi I like Café Flo
Favorite place for vacations: London
Favorite designer: Elan
Fashion statement: I always like to stay formal
Your educational background: I have completed my A-levels
Your strengths: I don’t give up and I am very loyal and a straight forward person.
Your fears: I don’t want people to judge me when I am honest and straight forward to them.
Future plans: I just want to focus on my work. I have some targets within my mind which I want to fulfill
Any tips for new comers: Never give up, be strong and stay focused. Stay away from negative people and be around people who love you.

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