Shopping For Flat Shoes in Pakistan

The traditional Pakistani flat shoe design has been around centuries, the classic Kolapoori, Peshawari Chappal and Khussa motif are worn casually and formally depending on the occasion. These shoes were essential made from strong durable leather with intricate embellishments in cutwork and threadwork embroideries.

Shoe stores adopt these classic motifs by incorporating their decorative elements onto stylish modern flat shoes inspired by western English ballet flats or slippers. The result of the two eastern and western aesthetics mixing together are the perfect balance between two worlds giving women the chance to enjoy ethnic embroideries and patterns without compromising on contemporary glamour or trendy streetwear fashion.

The following list of Shoe Stores in Pakistan will help find the best slippers, sliders, chappals and sandals for women:

Unze Shoes

The Unze Summer Collection has a wide variety of Casual and Evening Slippers for women. These shoes are considered mid-range with a price range of Rs 3000 and above. The regular sales events have select shoes on 50% off making it easy to buy multiple premium designs on discounted prices.

The casual flats are solid bright colours with self embossed patterns on leatherette material making them affordable and comfortable. The evening slippers have neutral tones including beige, pink and grey paired with various artificial snake print patterns that look urban and stylish with party dresses and formal evening outfits.

Urban Sole

Urban Sole

The Urban Shoe ladies collection is ideal for professional women looking for multipurpose designs that can be worn to the office, casual lunches and dinners and semi-formal occasions. The flat shoes are designs using a thick sole that has plenty of shockproof padding to protect the lower back from any fatigue.
There are some flat shoes that are completely flat with a thin sole worn to festive occasions there is only one sparkling and glittery strap that grips the toes only. The cushioned flat shoes are ideal for women who need to be on their feet for long hours and have great balance making sure you don’t trip or fall while walking.

Metro Shoes

A name known throughout Pakistan is Metro Shoes that has been delivering stylish bridal wedding wear heels for women for decades. Their flat shoes include slippers, chappals and sandals for teenagers, young women and mature ladies as they stock a large variety of designs.
Their sole is thick with rubber padding that ensures that stylish shoes can also be comfortable and durable. The flats with straps are ideal for casual wear and have interesting straps, bows and patterns. The extra padded used in the ballet shoes makes it easy to wear for the whole day. The closed shoe design is available in formal neutral colours and sporty walking shoes with pretty dainty floral pattern.

Export Leftovers

Young women and teenagers want fun and colorful shoes that have a lower price point and can withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. The shoes available on Export Leftovers online ensures that walking shoes, sporty, party and casual shoes are all available in various sizes.

There are tripes, bright colours, tennis shoes and All Star style closed shoes that are unisex and easy to wear with jeans. There are fancy party wear flat shoes for women that have embellishments that include artificial crystals and beads that are great paired with formal dresses.

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