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Changing objects into Gifts!

We live in a digital age but clicks do not make good memories. The tradition of gift wrapping and sending formal physical invitations in embellished envelops goes back to 2nd century BC China. Cultural and historic record of making invitations and wrapping gifts alone makes it an art. Back then invitations set the scene which un-surprisingly is still the case today. Even after the event would pass, that gesture of affection would never be forgotten because it would become a memory to cherish; a relationship between you and the recipient, this is what an envelope, invitation and gift is and Amara & Kiran knew that from the very start.

And that is how the story of a great journey started; Amara & Kiran, two sisters, looking for a decent envelope for their cousin’s engagement, but they couldn’t find any. So they took charge of the situation themselves and crafted one themselves and everyone loved it. Their craftsmanship was not only appreciated but it was in demand and they started getting orders for more. It was never about the money but to do something creative and useful. Supported by their father, they established Amara & Kiran; starting with envelopes and boxes they are now delivering their acrylic trays, baskets, wedding cards, gift cards, invitations, gift boxes-baskets/giveaways, gift pouches, mirrored trays, unique and bespoke gift wrappings and much more all over Pakistan and abroad too.

Operating from 81 A, Garden block town, Lahore, Pakistan, Amara & Kiran are your gift experts. They make sure they reflect you as a couple or individual when dealing with your order. They know the significance of a gift wrap and an envelope; it adds another dimension and is the final flourish that completes a good gift. And for the recipient, it’s about the anticipation, the excitement of discovering what’s inside.

Amara &Kiran know that invitations set the stage for an event, hence must be one of a kind and designed especially for you. They wrap your ordinary objects and change them into gifts. The wrapping of gifts points to a more essential experience; when you wrap an object, it is transformed into extraordinary token of your love and affection and reflects how much you care for the recipient and designate them as special. Visit their Instagram and Facebook profile and look at the amazing work they have done @amaraandkiran or call 03349991188.

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