One Stone At A Time, The goddess of everything: AMULMUMTAZ .

An Educator , a Gold Medalist ,Entrepreneur and Culinary Artist; AmulMumtaz Khan sets no boundaries to her craft . She does everything in such perfection that she blooms to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.  A dedicated mother and a devoted wife, An inspiration for all young women out there . Who are unstoppable at what they do whether in the domestic arena or professional. She did her high-school from LGS Defence Lahore, her diploma in Culinary Arts Under Fine Dining from Taylor’s University. Followed by a BSc from University of London in International Business with 7 Distinctions & a World Distinction in Multinational Enterprises and an MBA from Cardiff Business School UK with 3 distinctions.


She says “ I have just started , passion and profession together make a match in heaven. Just start small and dream big.”

W/O – How difficult is it to be married to an Airforce officer?

AMK- Just as difficult as marrying any man. I love my husband dearly and have always seen the Airforce as my family . It’s a matter of perception. I take it as my unique medal.

W/O – Did you always have a skill to self grooming or was it developed deliberately?

AMK-I feel self grooming is just as important as breathing. It’s education. Definitely develops overtime but one must always keep updated . As women we must know everything regardless of its requirement at the moment.

W/O -How do you manage a baby at home and working for Appen as a Senior Data Analyst with such dedication ?

AMK -I think it’s challenging, but not impossible. Strict timetables and dedication.Luckily I have a support system around me . My father , my husband and my darling brother. Having Hania has definitely been the biggest blessing in my life . Will have it no other way.


W/O – What are the no zones for you . How do you deal with difficult people?

You know what they say, even if yours the ripest ,juiciest peach in the world there will still be someone who hated peaches . I love my haters .. they keep me going. For difficult people , cut them off . If not literally then mentally.  Cheating, lying , doublecrossing and disrespect. Big no zones . Don’t have the time for such negativity .

WO – Where do you see yourself in future?

AMK – I think I have just started. Maybe a PhD and as a stronger Business Analyst. Setting my own school. A happy person.. a dreamer.

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