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Embedding Art In Spirit

Not many people in Pakistan are familiar with the term Resin Art, although you might have seen it online for sale. But it doesn’t mean that we do not have resin artists here. We have some dare-devils working on it, but only few are experts due to the complexity of the materials and dexterity it requires.

Resin Art describes the art form of creating art objects with epoxy resin. Resin can be used to design paintings, as well as to produce varnishes, resin jewelry, petri dishes and various other castings of any kind known as Resin Casting. Beside classical clear castings you can also cast all kinds of objects like natural materials, stones, glitter and many other things. The artists can let their imagination run wild and thus it requires the dedication of a darvesh perhaps to master it. We came across one such person who is a darvesh in a sense that she is a great admirer of Rumi; his teachings and philosophy has inspired her work, dedication and spirit: Rida Saad of Rijjel Artistry.

Rijjel Artistry by Rida is an online store which creates Epoxy Resin Art. Consoles, tables, coasters, wall art, trays, stool stands, dining tables are some of the items created by them. Not only Rijjel is about resin art, they also make live edge wooden tables, wall paintings in medium like oil, acrylic, charcoal and abstract and resin décor items as well. The pieces of art are embellished by acrylic crystals, glass crystals, pigments, glitters, and metal or gold frames.

As a self-taught artist, Rida has come a long way and is one of the few artists who are working with Resin on a large scale. Starting her journey back in 2018, she changed her personal tragedy into her strength, being a mother of two it was quite a challenge. Her work and creativity functioned as her therapists and brought her out of depression and anxiety caused by the trauma. Rida`s husband has supported and still supports her throughout. In spite of all the hardships which life puts in her path, she survived and managed to explore her talent and skills. Her work is a manifestation of her passion and dedication to life and resin art; she pours her heart and soul into each and every piece she creates and hence it inspires.

“Why are you enchanted by this World, when a mine of gold lies within you?” These beautiful verses of Maulana Rumi are beautifully depicted by Rida in her Whirling Darvesh Resin Tables and Whirling Darvesh Wall Art; she is the first to introduce it and it is her signature and most popular item.

Her resin top tables, resin poured live edge table nests and resin consoles and mirrors are no less than a marvel to look at with their intricate golden metal stands and abstract cuts in natural wood containing galaxies of colors with layers and layers of pigments, resin and pure exquisiteness embellished with her favorite metallic birds; one of a kind tables where wood is polished with grains and texture keeping the originality of wood. Maple leaf shaped live edge tables are her signature item.

The signature Agate stone inspired Resin Wall Art on MDF and wood with resin and metallic pigments, micas, glitters, gold flakes and metallic gold in various textures is not only excellent for rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit, but it also cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate also enhances mental function and analytical abilities.

Other signature items are her Live Edge Sheesham Wood Trunk Coffee Table, Princess Resin Tray Table made for few lucky clients, themed coasters made with 100% resin, Resin jewelry trays, Resin Ocean Live Edge Table Nests, and much more to enhance your home décor and adding a signature touch to your living space.

From free deliveries in all over Karachi, Rida’s work has reached all corners of Pakistan and abroad as well. She has large cliental of national and international customers who can’t get enough of her work. Her art is a once-in-life-time experience customized for you only. Visit her profile on Facebook @rijjelartistrybyrida and Instagram @rijjel_artistry_by_rida to look at her amazing and marvelous work.

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