One on One with Jaffer Hasan


Q) Tell us something about yourself?

A: Not much to tell that hasn’t been said, but I lived here until 1998, left, moved to Paris-Vegas-Seattle-Montreal, came back by accident, and now it’s been a career in photography. All of my family lives in America. Hobbies are watching foreign movies, my exhibition projects, and discovering new things in life, life food.

Q) How would you describe your photographic style?

A: Wouldn’t say there is a style, being self taught, is more a raw style, mine is not pretty pretty or the generic style that many consider ‘safe’. I like the rough edges around my work, something that might be less accepted, the work needs to speak to me


Q) What are the most difficult aspects of professional fashion photography?

A: The lack of professionalism from every single aspect, the lack of showing up on time, the lack of respect some have for new people, the lack of care seniors have for juniors, the lack of dignity some designers give certain photographers because somehow our profession is deemed lesser than theirs. And not understanding that we have a life, so the phone calls after 10pm need to stop.

Q) What was your exposure to photography before getting into a professional field?

A: My exposure was through my iphone when I was in Montreal, and then the one month I borrowed my friends camera, after that I knew I must buy one, but at that time, I was like the rest, just interested in taking silly pictures I thought were creative then.

Q) What advice do you have for other aspiring fashion photographers?

A: Just breathe in and out, it gets better one day, they may not pay you on time, or cheat you, but one day, through hard work you will be someone. Then you can be there for someone who was in your position once. Protect the new lot, always be strict on timing, and if you see anyone being rude or speaking down, it is your job to stop it, no matter who they think they are.

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