Sitarey by Mehnaz

The Perfect Handcrafted Clutches!


A perfect clutch is every woman’s favourite accessory, isn`t it? Glimmering in humble dwellings across Pakistan – the talented female artisans whose craftwork transform beads, sequins and ‘gotta’ into a clutch any woman can cherish and hold are the true stars of ‘Sitarey by Mehnaz’.

Mehnaz Karamat, the female entrepreneur with a social impact focus, wants to move the needle for women empowerment. Sitarey by Mehnaz works with and empowers female artisans across Pakistan by providing livelihood in the safety of their homes.


The elaborate and meticulous attention to detail by the skilled ‘Sitarey’ artisans is breathtaking. If you want to stand out at every occasion in every season, wear a Sitarey.

Sitarey by Mehnaz believes in making true handcrafted clutches, an art form that is rather vanishing today. There is no use of machinery involved in any part of the design and creation process. The finesse etched in each stitch adds the final twinkle that sets the wearer apart.

For a quick look, check out their Instagram pages of ‘Sitarey by Mehnaz’ on ‘Sitareybym’ and

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