The Yoga Shed: Peace & Spirituality

Yoga is a deeply spiritual discipline that combines physical, mental, philosophical, and spiritual elements. The literal translation of ‘yoga’ is ‘union with the divine,’ therefore yoga goes much deeper than what can be captured in a short glimpse. Yoga is something that needs to be experienced. It doesn’t take long for most people who start practicing the different relaxing, breathing, stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to be convinced of their great effects on the body and mind. If you regularly practice yoga, you will slowly but surely find peace and serenity.

The W.O team asked Zarmineh Taimoor of the Yoga Shed to tell us a little something about herself and what she does.


Q: Tell us something about yourself?
A: I am an internationally certified 200HR Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance (BALI) Kalpana Radhika Yoga School and a mom of a beautiful daughter. I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur, I have done my BBA and MBA in Marketing From Greenwich University. I feel blessed because my family especially my husband, who is a Lawyer, plays a huge role in supporting me to do what I love to do and taking it one step ahead.

Q: When and how did you fall in love with yoga?
A: I fell in love when I started practicing yoga on my own during my university days but now I am more interested in its spiritual side because I feel it really connects you with your mind and soul.

Q: Do women express a long-term interest in yoga or is it just a fad for them?
A: Many women nowadays are inclined towards practicing yoga as they know yoga can support their health including mental health and increases relaxation and over all body toning.


Q: What are the health advantages of yoga? It is said that yoga is not just being flexible, how do you decipher it?
A: Yoga has many benefits such as it makes you strong mentally and physically. Improves your posture and manages your weight, reduces stress etc but The Basic principle of yoga is “Ahimsa” (non-violence) so yea it’s beyond just being flexible.

Q: Is there a specific age bracket that you would recommend yoga to or can it be done by females of all age groups?
A: There is no age limits for practicing yoga as there is no age limit for changing the world.

Q: What is the difference between yoga and power yoga? Is power yoga for losing weight only?
A: Power yoga is just one style of yoga , it helps in building strength and aids in weight loss. As for yoga it is not a work-out but a work-in, and this is the point of spiritual practice to open our hearts and expand our awareness.

Q: How do you stay positive and how do you transmit that positivity to others including your family?
A: I’m grateful and I try to be calm and happy most of the time.

Q: Do you have a fitness message for Pakistani girls and women?
A: I hope to inspire young women and girls to do yoga, be active and enjoy life.


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