Amazing winter Hacks!

Since winters are almost here and we might need some really cool winter hacks to survive.

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, but it often comes with a lot of stress to daily life that just shouldn’t be there.


For that reason, to make your life easier and to reduce the everyday stress in the winter, we thought of really cool winter hacks, just to help you survive this winter without problems and difficulties.

I know everyone must be thinking “Karachi may toh thand ati nae” but other cities like Islamabad or northern areas are freezing at the moment and since Karachi’s weather changes rapidly, who knows Karachi might be freezing tomorrow as well!

let’s look at these amazing winter hacks which might be really helpful in winters.


1)  Spend less time in the hot shower.


Don’t we just love the idea of a hot shower in winters? The idea of a warm, long shower does sound luring but staying in the hot water for too long will dry your skin and make it look flaky. 10-15 minutes every day should suffice.


2) Use your toothbrush to scrub Dry lips.


yes, it sounds really bizarre but you’ll be surprised by how well it works. Just apply some vaseline or lip balm on a toothbrush and run it or you lips in round movements.


3) Put some olive oil in your belly button to avoid itchiness due to dryness!


okay, so this is my mom’s favorite hack. All you need to do is, put some olive oil in your belly button and this will avoid all the dryness and itchiness caused by that, especially on our legs. Weird but it really works!


4) Keep your beds warm!


How to keep your bed warm?  Place a hot water bottle in your bed in order to keep it warm before you get in it. This will also keep it warm all night.


5) Cold toilet seats?


Well, this is brilliant. I really hate a cold toilet seat. It is the worst feeling. Does this really need explaining?

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