Cooking Is A Great Outlet For Stress

Stress can always feel like a very heavy weight on our shoulder, it’s the one thing that makes us unproductive and under confident to do anything else.

We try overcoming stress in unhealthy ways, for example, over-eating, smoking cigarettes, watching a lot of TVs, etc. all of this isn’t a very good outlet for stress. But you know what is? Cooking!


Studies have shown that cooking is a great reliever of pressure, anxiety, and even depression. This activity is also used by mental health clinics to help patients feel relaxed and more in control of their mind like art therapy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, cooking classes are now being used to treat mental health disorders as well, it’s used as a form of behavioral therapy just like art therapy or music or yoga.


Cooking helps in improve prove your mood and diet as well, while you’re doing things like chopping, whisking or stirring something on the heat. It immediately lifts your spirits and you can even mind what you’re eating as you prepare your food.

Cooking can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. There’s no rigid formula or a strict procedure that you need to stick to, you can always experiment and add your own personal touch to it. Even if you go wrong somewhere, like you burned something or spilled something or if it doesn’t taste right, there’s a way to fix it.

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Physically, cooking satisfies our hunger and gives us a sense of achievement after we finish making a meal. While cooking food, our senses awaken from the sights, smells, and taste which helps put all the tension, pressure and anxiety out of our minds, as it distracts us from our everyday pressures. And also cause we all just love to eat wherever we are.


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It also helps you reduce your blood pressure as home-made food contains less sodium compared food made in restaurants. People who eat from outside have 20% more sodium in their foods compared to food cooked at home.

Cooking for your loved ones and friends will always give you a sense of satisfaction. You don’t have to only cook for yourselves, making food for other’s will definitely make you happy and the praise you will get from making a great meal will definitely make your day.

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Instead of viewing cooking as a chore, you can see it as a stress buster and a great way to divert your mind from the pressures of work.

So go in the kitchen and cook your stress away!

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