A Desi Twist On Disney Shows.

Walt Disney has been entertaining us with its classic movies and tv shows for many years, it has created shows based on every culture and now it will be starting a show based in India.

The new Indian-inspired animated tv show is called, “Mira, the Royal Detective.” Disney’s new animated series has made preschoolers its main audience and is set in the fictional land of Jalpur in India.

The show will be about a courageous girl named, Mira who becomes a royal detective after she rescues the Kingdom’s prince. Mira’s will be voiced a new-comer, Leela Ladnier and the rest of the cast will also be Indian.

According to a statement by Disney, the show aims to teach the younger generations about critical thinking and reason. It will be airing in 2020 on the Disney Junior Channel and of course like all Indian shows and movies every episode will include a music and dance number between two 11-minute stories.

It seems like its part of some Indian custom that everything has to have a music and dancing scene.

Joe D’Ambrosia, the vice president of Disney Junior said this in a statement: “We are eager to introduce kids and their families to the rich and diverse cultures and customs through Mira, a young girl who looks at things with her own unique lens to gain a different perspective and help others in her community.”

He went on to say that they hope that the audience learns to appreciate the little things that make life so interesting and extraordinary and to actively engage with it.

Disney has always managed to create shows and movies that are both entertaining and educational for its audience, and this one seems to be no exception to that.

We look forward to watching “Mira, The Royal Detective” and all the dancing and music that will come with it.


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