Daredevil will be cancelled from Netflix ?!

This breaking news is a bit hard to digest as this was one of the best shows to be produced by Marvel, and just a month after its third season was released, Netflix has yet again canceled another great show.

Recently, the popular streaming site had canceled two other Marvel shows namely; “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage.”

Daredevil was about a blind lawyer who turns a vigilante/superhero by night, it’s a mysterious, crime show that became very popular. The show stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, the Daredevil. Watching the young man’s unfortunate incident, it really melts your heart for that poor kid.

Along with the show’s cancellation, Netflix still has two ongoing Marvel shows; “Jessica Jones” which is filming its third season and  the “Punisher.”

According to a statement released by Netflix: “Marvel’s Daredevil will not return for the fourth season. We are tremendously proud of the shows last and final season and although its painful for the fans, we feel its best to close this chapter with a high note.” to CNN.

But don’t feel too bad because the show might be ending but we will still see “Daredevil” the character again as the shows tweeted this picture on its official Twitter account saying; “Justice never stops” and in a statement to Deadline announced the cancellation of the show, Netflix said that the character will be seen again.

Fans were also devastated to hear this news, that they took on social media to express their anger and sorrow.

“Daredevil” was indeed a great show and it will surely be missed. We’re hoping that that character does make a comeback in another show and that the other two ongoing Marvel shows “Jessica Jones” and “Punisher” don’t get canceled so soon.

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