Exercise at home

Often people can’t hit the gym due to commute problems or busy work schedules.  But that does not mean you put your precious life at stake. There is always a solution to every problem, so NEVER GIVEUP! We are introducing you to a few exercises that can be performed at home. Have a look.


Squats can be performed with or without support of a wall. If you prefer to do it with support of a wall then find any corner of your home and stand in front of the wall, placing your backside at it. Once you have the support, start performing squats by going up and down for at least 30-35 times ensuring to make a right angle towards the area of your calves. Don’t forget to keep your spine straight during the exercise as this exercise is all about your posture. In case you want to do it without the support, it’s the same way only but a little tough as sometimes your back does not get the rest it needs.

2- Arms stretching

If you are looking to tone up your arms, make sure to do arm stretching every morning. Take a chair from your dining room and sit straight on it. After that take your arms towards your back and touch your spine making sure your arms are stiff throughout the exercise. This exercise is deemed very useful for an adequate blood circulation in your arms and can be performed easily at any time of the day.

3- Side plank

Side planking can be a bit exhausting but it is worth all your efforts. Lean down on the floor first. Shift to the right side keeping your whole body straight, knees specially and raise your body slightly. Your right elbow will have to bear the weight for the upper section of your body that will be placed on the floor beneath your shoulder. Once done move your left hand towards your pelvis and try taking or pulling your stomach in. That does not mean you forget to breathe. After you are done with achieving this position in the exact manner you just need to remain in this state for about 40 seconds and repeat the same thing again using your left side.

4- Treadmill

If you have tread mill at home, there is nothing better than that. You can turn on the music and walk or run on it for about 35-45 minutes. This will increase your stamina and increase your metabolism at a fast pace. Even if you don’t have a treadmill at home, you do not need to buy one. All you need to do is to put your joggers on and take a walk in your home lawn/garden or even inside any spacious area at your home.


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