Exercises to treat chronic conditions

Relying too much on heavy medications can have a lot of side effects on your body. We recommend you to give a little focus to you physical exercise routine that can protect you from getting various diseases and even treat your chronic conditions if you have any.


Diabetic patients must never skip a workout session. If you are not aware, exercising does the work of building muscles which put diabetic patients under a lot of advantage. Working out also reduces the level of glucose present in blood and improves insulin sensitivity which keeps diabetic patients glucose level under control. Combination of aerobic and resistance training lowers the risk of getting diabetes as well.

2-Heart Diseases

If you are suffering from a heart disease, you must learn to get regular with aerobics and interval training which will improve your heart functioning and give boost to your cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, it will also keep your blood pressure at a normal level and will burn off all the unnecessary stress, keeping your heart condition under control.


Intensive workout will make arthritis patients life a lot easier. They will feel reduced pain in their joints as cardio and treadmill workout increases the flexibility of muscles which in return combats fatigue. Register yourself in the nearby gym and workout at least five days a week.


Asthma can be treated with yoga and swimming. But try not to do it for prolonged hours. While doing these exercises make sure to breathe from your nose and try performing yoga and swimming indoors. Doing these activities outdoor can increase risk of you getting allergy from air pollution that can trigger your asthma. Don’t forget to carry an albuterol inhaler at any cost.


Back pain can surely take away all the productivity leading to frustrations. Focus more on crunches and hamstring stretches to give your back a relief from constant pain. If you are lazy to step out of your home, you can even do these exercises at home. So stop finding yourself an excuse and start these exercises already.

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