Fighting Anxiety

Anxiety is a prevailing health issue that is being witnessed by adolescents and young adults these days. Some common symptoms to realize that person is suffering from anxiety is constant struggle to deal with stress that can trigger nervousness and high level of disturbance. Majority people use aid of drugs to ease their sufferings. However, side effects of drugs can be quite unpleasant and there are a few drug free remedies that can help control anxiety.

1- Getting adequate and sound sleep

 Study and work routine are often the main culprits of disturbed sleeping patterns an individual encounters. People often forget that adequate sleep is a decent requirement of human body and shall not be ignored. Hence, developing a habit of going to bed at appropriate time and also indulging into a novel reading habit before bed time can be very soothing for the mind and help reduce anxiety that generates at the end of the day.

2- Exercise is all that you need

You might feel lazy when the idea of exercise pops up especially when you are emotionally drained by the series of events  in your life. To be honest, hitting the gym is the only safe way  to cure anxiety naturally. Exercising helps in diverting your attention from the issues you have been handling and gives you a break from your stress. A must try out!

3- Time to ditch caffeine

You might see caffeine as your friend in need but that is the last thing you want  during stress as caffeine is known to trigger anxiety at faster pace. Not saying to completely cut it off your life, but try having it in moderation as nothing in excess is good for your mind and body.

4- Have proper meals

Usually under stress  people tend to lose their appetite which actually worsens the situation. You must not be unjust to yourself and make it a habit to have proper meals at regular intervals as you do not want your blood sugar level to decrease, do you?. Hence, healthy food means healthy mind which is all that is needed to overcome anxiety.

5- Learn to say no to others

 It is great to help others but never at the cost of your own expense. Sometimes people go an extra mile to make others happy by taking their work not realizing they have their own deadlines to meet.  Hence, prioritize yourself first to avoid unnecessary delays in work and make your life simple. Not saying that you should quit the habit of helping others, but not by compromising your health and peace of mind.



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