Five underrated places in Karachi

Often referred as the city of lights and known for its lively atmosphere, Karachi has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. From fine dining, to night life and sports entertainment this city will never fail to impress you. However, with never ending options, sometimes a few places go unnoticed which is unfair. We discovered five most underrated places that deserve a chance for your attention.

1-Cape Monze:

Who doesn’t like the idea of beaches for a perfect getaway? Spring demands an exotic view with a fresh breeze of air. If you haven’t discovered Cape Monze yet, it is about time you explore the unexplored and plan a day trip with your family and friends to experience a pleasant sight with super fun water sports activities on a Sunday. So are you ready for the detox therapy?

2- Stars Club café:

In order to rejuvenate your taste buds, you are in dire need of visiting this cafe which serves mouthwatering continental dishes. Not being an ordinary café the place is beautifully designed, having a chic and groovy atmosphere which will instantly uplift your mood with its cheerful vibes. A separate karaoke section for live music and pictures of Lollywood celebrities attached on the walls gives this café a filmy ambience which is fun to look at. Don’t forget to book a date this weekend for a refreshing dinner. The sooner, the better!

3- Wazir Mansion:

Visiting this museum will surely revitalize the feeling of patriotism hidden inside you. Wazir Mansion which has now being transformed into a museum used to be Quaid-e-Azam’s home, a place where he lived for 16 years while growing up. Interesting right? This museum has two floors; first floor consists of Jinnah’s bedroom and bookshelves whereas second floor contains items that he used on daily basis like cigar, clothes, pen, radio etc. Now that you have all the details, you must set your eyes in ticking this thing off your bucket list.

4- Chai Deewari:

If you want to treat yourself with the best chai and aloo parathas in town, you know where to land at. In case you are looking to find the perfect spot for playing poker or Uno with your buddies, you have already found one. Good luck!

5-Empress Market:

Shopaholics must not miss a chance of visiting this place. Although quite underrated, Empress Market accounts for a perfect shopping destination selling vast variety of items including food, animals, stationary objects etc. Although, this place needs slight renovation but the existing raw sense of touch gives it antique vibes which does deserve public attention.

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