Unique Desserts by Doughy Delights

W.O magazine had an interview with baker Ayesha Imran to get an insight into the world of Doughy Delights. She talks about her style of work, creativity and unique desserts.

Q) Tell us something about yourself?

A: I am currently in my last semester of MBA from IBA and have plans of pursuing a Chartered Accountancy degree later in life. I belong to a family that is not very conservative and has been supportive throughout different phases of my life. I don’t have any siblings so all my life I have been working on my personality and exploring things to find what I am passionate about a few examples being baking and creative arts. For now, I am working on building up my brand Doughy Delights and expanding my baking skills and this business further.


Q) What inspired you to become a baker and start your own brand?

A: I had always been an enthusiast about baking. If I had not done an MBA I would have gone for professional baking classes but life had other plans which I certainly have no regrets about now. I had been keen about starting up something of my own from a very young age and had been experimenting since then. I knew I had the skills to be creative thus I first went towards starting an event management company and now following my passion for making unique desserts.

Q) How do you come up with such mouth-watering recipes?

A: It would be wrong to take credits of all the recipes I’ve been creating. No doubt I have been working on creating desserts that are not readily available in the market however, the recipes have been created after thorough research of various recipes to build the desserts I make. So it’s a mixture of my knowledge and what I have learned from others.

Q) How much consumer demand for food have changed over the years?

A: As per what I believe I think it has changed drastically. Now people are more open to experimenting with different cuisines and trying out new dishes. It has certainly made it easier for people like us to come up with unique food items and sell them in the market. The youth has a different palate altogether and there is a huge variety to work around with now.


Q) Do you have any message for home based female entrepreneurs?

A: Honestly, I never really planned on opening up a baking business ever, it just all happened by chance and it became a success within a very short frame of time Alhamdullilah. I have always followed my passion and not let anyone stop me from doing so. If nothing more at least give it a try, considering the vast options we have now to promote and sell products just use those mediums and enter the market. You never know what can become a hit these days so do give it a shot.

Facebook: Doughydelights

Instagram: Doughydelights.pk

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