Getting to Know Socially Awkward People

You come across one such person in every social event or gathering. They are sitting in a corner with their phones and trying to look very interested in what they are looking at on their screens. It’s how they can limit their social interaction and meet as less people as possible.  For someone who doesn’t know, such a person might come off as rude or arrogant, when really all they are is socially awkward.

When it comes to an introverted person, you rarely get to see them socializing much as they mostly keep to themselves. However, in big crowds or social gatherings, you might come across an introvert who would be slightly uncomfortable or awkward being there. If you have a friend who is an introvert, you probably know what I am talking about but if not; basically, it’s very easy for someone to become socially awkward in certain situations.

Several people mistakenly assume that introverted or socially awkward people just do not want to socialize with them where else; the truth is far from it. Basically, if you are a stranger to that person or an acquaintance, chances are that they will get uncomfortable upon meeting you. Introductions are the most difficult for these people and tend to even cause anxiety within some people.

It is why socially awkward and introverted people keep their interactions to a minimum. Understanding these people can be challenging as at first, you do not know how to react or what to expect. You might also have problems in befriending introverts as they usually have a small group of friends that make up their social circle. An introvert rarely reaches out to new people or extends their interactions beyond what they are comfortable with.

If you are genuinely looking to make friends and approach such people, then you need to learn the right way to get closer to them. Basically, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when trying to initiate a friendly conversation with an introvert who may at times be socially awkward around new people.

  • Avoid small talk as much as possible. You will rarely get any response if you begin talking about the weather, sports or asking them questions about their lives. They are not interested in talking about themselves when engaging with someone who is unfamiliar.


  • You have to show this person that you are genuinely interested in getting to know him or her which is why you should not give up or walk away if the other person fails to respond initially. Since social gatherings make them nervous, chances are that even if a socially awkward person wants to talk to you, they probably won’t due to fear of saying the wrong thing.


  • Be comfortable with silences and don’t push them into a conversation. When you want to befriend an introvert, this is the best you can do. The pressure of keeping the conversation going can make such a person anxious which results in lots of awkward silences. You just have to be comfortable with it and figure out what you really want to say.


  • Talk about yourself first. This can help introverts and socially awkward people engage with you as they might be able to find something in common when you start talking about your experiences or a subject where there are less chances of saying something wrong.


  • Give them space. Social interactions can be quite exhausting for them and in order to recharge, they require a little time away from anybody. You should be prepared for gaps in communication, no responses to messages and not seeing them for days.


  • Try and avoid inviting an introvert or a socially awkward person to be a part of a large crowd. Big parties or events are usually a nightmare for these people and they will do everything to get away from these situations. A one on one meeting or with two to three people around are ideal and really allow them to bring out their true personalities.


  •  Digital communication is the most efficient option for you when the person on the other side is an introvert. It gives them a chance to truly shine since they can give thoughtful and well-crafted responses.


The important thing to remember is that you have to be genuinely interested and not talk to them for the sake of having a conversation. Other than this, stay away from any assumptions at first. Your introverted friend does care about you and is interested in your life as well. You just have to find a meaningful way to connect to them and you can have a loyal friend for life!

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