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People often assume that weak or failing eyesight is a symptom of aging which is absolutely wrong. In reality, proper eating habits and regular eye exercises can actually help in reducing the risk of any potential eye problems you might face. Check out the list of five such things that can restore stronger eyesight and improve eye health problems.

1- Beef

Beef contains high amount of zinc which is beneficial for the eyes as it helps in delaying the process of age related sight loss which causes weak eyesight. It is believed that retina itself has high levels of zinc which justifies why zinc is essential for restoring a healthy vision. Try to replace chicken with beef in your meals next time.

2- Blinking

Blinking is beneficial for a perfect eyesight. Make sure to blink for 10 minutes continuously everyday at a fast pace. After you are done close your eyes for 30 seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times a day to keep the muscles of your eyes active throughout.

3- Carrots

We all have been listening that carrots are the best for healthy vision since our childhood. Well it is extremely true as carrots consist of Vitamin A which is crucial for perfect eyesight. Vitamin A basically assists the retina to absorb maximum light possible making your vision clearer than ever before.

4- Shifting

Shifting is very important for eyes. All you need to do is to rotate your eyeballs in different directions for about 5-6 minutes. Start by looking towards the right corner and then gradually shift your eyeballs to the exact opposite direction which is the left corner. This will keep the tiny eye muscles healthy and will ensure adequate blood supply.

5- Sweet potatoes

If you are a potato lover you will not mind adding sweet potatoes to your diet on a regular basis. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin E that promotes healthy vision. Try it out yourself!

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