All you need to know about Irtiqa Hassan Interiors

Women’s Own reached out to Irtiqa Hassan to get some interesting insights about her brand ‘Irtiqa Hassan Interiors’. Let’s see what she has to stay bout her journey.

Tell us something about yourself. How was your childhood like and did you take any
formal training before entering into the field of interior deigning?

Spent my childhood in South Africa surrounded by nature, lived my teenage years in
Dubai and then moved to Pakistan, where I did my bachelors in Interior Design from
Indus Valley school of art and architecture.

What promoted you to embark on a career in interior designing and how has the
experience been so far?

I was always inclined towards the field of interior design, its all about human psychology
and play of senses and emotions. I was always sensitive to my surroundings and to
influence those of others is empowering and has been a fascinating experience so far.

What were the challenges you faced during the initial years and how did you overcome

The biggest challenge was to demonstrate what interior design is not! It is not furniture
placement, it is not one feature wall, it is not ‘decoration’. It is a play of all senses
coming together to inspire the ambiance you breathe in.

 You are an inspiration to many people out there. We are interested to know what
inspires you the most and how do you ensure to add your sense of style to your

I always say that my inspiration comes from my travels, from sunsets in white sand
beaches to sunrises in high rise metropolises. My personal sense of style reflects in my
spaces, I believe in all things classic, ethereal and refined.


Your brand Irtiqa Hassan Interiors got featured in British Vogue which is commendable.
How do you feel about this achievement?

It was a very proud moment and we couldn’t have had better validation for our work.

Competition is at its peak these days. How do you deal with competition and a piece of advice you would like to give to people who aspire to enter this field?

The field of Interior Architecture is not just my career path but my passion, we work to create magic,
to create spaces that have never been seen before, and that’s what sets us different from
competitors. Those who wish to aspire to enter this field, the feeling of seeing your design from
paper to ground, hold on to it and you will never want to look back.

What is your most favorite part about being an interior designer in Pakistan?

The field of interior design has just flourished recently, and its good to be one of the trend

How is a normal day at work like and how do you ensure to come up with exquisite collection every season?

A normal day at studio involves Popcorn, caffeine and lots of 2B sketching with the team. An
exquisite collection is the result of all the normal days at work combined

 A message you would like to give to Women’s Own fans.

Design the life you want to live.

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