Know yourself – What you see first will describe your inner state!

Do you want to know more about yourself?

The way we see the world talks a lot about our personality. So, today we have pictures for you and what you see first in them will describe your interstate.

We created a quick test that will help you evaluate the signals of your subconscious. The test is based on the symbolic meanings of certain things and feelings they provoke in you.

Your main task is very simple! just pay attention to the objects that you see first in the pictures below.

Its time to know yourself better!



What do you see first, is it a face or a fish?


FACE: you are a socially oriented and communicative person and you’re curious about people’s lives. For you, every person is unique and interesting and you want to figure out their true personality and because of that, you have excellent communication skills, which allow you to find common ground with petty much everyone.

TWO FISH: if you saw two fish, you’re happy with your life at the moment and you’ll also believe in luck in all future endeavors. Even if something isn’t going to your plan. You’re sure you will manage to cope with any situation.

You are creative and always full of ideas that you want to make a reality. You aren’t afraid of changes and are usually excited to see what the future has in store for you.




WOMAN: If you saw a woman that means that you feel as though you are constantly defending yourself in life, leaving you emotionally and mentally exhausted.

SKULL: you may be facing some significant challenges in your life at this time and you are struggling to find a solution to effectively work through them.





OLD MAN: If you saw an old man, you are an empathetic individual, showing compassion for all that come into your life. you rely on the right side of your brain as you are a highly creative person, always viewing the beauty and color of the world around you. Don’t lose that positivity!

WOMAN: You are driven by the left, analytical side of your brain. You see the world as black and white, often overlooking the full spectrum of grey that also exists around you.

Try to keep your mind and heart open to seeing more than just the facts, welcoming the individuality of others into your life will make the world a better place.




PILLAR: you prefer to live your life safely within your comfort zone, and an area where you know that you can succeed, but is it really success if you trapped beneath a low glass ceiling?

The only way to break through and to truly feel the joys of success and accomplishment in life will be venture into the uncomfortable unknown and shoot for the starts.

MEN BETWEEN PILLARS: you  live a life of adventure and excitement, moving from one challenge to the next and feeding off the adrenaline.

You dread the idea of settling into a boring routine life more than anything else but you need to acknowledge that there are benefits to finding some element of routine and normalcy.

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