Lost A Great Poet/Writer- RIP Fahmida Riaz

She was known for great work in feminist literature and poetry, she managed to publish more than 15 books today and was also a human rights activist. But on Wednesday, the famous Fahmida Riaz died due to a prolonged illness.

Fahmida Riaz was a strong, relentless and fearless woman who always stood up for women’s rights and democracy in Pakistan. She also headed the National Book Foundation, and through her writings, she would describe how influential male dominance is in Pakistani society.

Even during her academic life, Fahmida was an activist who spoke and wrote in favor of student politics during Ayub Khan’s regime.

During Benazir Bhutto’s regime, she was given a post in the Quid-e-Azam Academy, however, when Bhutto’s government was removed from power so was the academy.

In Nawaz Sharif’s time the, Fahimda was labeled as an Indian agent, this caused her to become unemployable and to work for 3 jobs simultaneously to support her family. During 80’s she was exiled to India (where she was from) along with her husband because of their liberal and political views.

Her first published work was titled: ‘Pather ki Zuban’, in 1967, her later successful poetries included; ‘Dhoop,’ ‘Pura Chaand,’ ‘Admi ki Zindagi,’ and many more, some her novels include; ‘Zinda Bahir,’ ‘Goodavari,’ and ‘Karachi.’

Fahmida success continued in an upward trajectory for a long time especially during Benazir Bhutto’s time in government. She was nominated as a managing director of the National Book Council of Pakistan at that time, and in the second tenure of the government, she became part of the ministry of culture.

In 2009, Fahmida Riaz was the chief editor of the Urdu Dictionary Board in Karachi.

On Thursday afternoon, Fahmida Riaz’s funeral had taken place in Lahore where many literary figures, famous personalities from showbiz and other well-known individuals had come for condolences and to pay to their respects to this iconic woman.

Pakistan has indeed lost someone who many women admired and loved, not just for her brilliant work in the world of literature but also because she was an incredible person, who was never afraid to speak her mind.

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