Man describes his wife to a sketch artist and its the most beautiful thing you will see!

How many of you believe that you love your significant others the most?

let’s look at this man who is a living example of how love is still alive.

LOVE which is simple but rare to be found!

A man who had a 62-year-old relationship describes the face of his late wife to sketch artist is making everyone cry!

In the video, the man tells the sketch artist that his wife passed away and when asked to describe her features, he said she had “angelic face” with “sparkling eyes” that looked at you with great love and affection.

It was on youtube since a while but it became viral on Reddit recently. The love and affection of the man for his wife in this video is completely wholesome.

He did not only describe his relationship with her but also gave a strong message to everyone about the secret of having a successful marriage. When the artist asked about the secret to a long and happy marriage, he said simply, “Make her your friend and never lie to her”

Everyone simply fell in love with the man’s intensity while describing his wife, as one mentioned “We should all be that lucky to have someone that loves us so much he clearly loves his wife”

Some commentators opined that the artist probably had another source from which she could draw to make the late wife look so realistic, but in the end, that’s not really the point of the video. Its all about his description of how he felt about her.

Also when asked by the artist that what did he miss the most of his wife, He just didn’t mention anything else but her embrace.


There were times when the artist seemed to have a difficult time not breaking down and weep during the session. After seeing the finished sketch, the man began to cry. Anybody who watches the video might have the same reaction because love like this is rare to find these days.

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