Music and its Magical Healing Powers

“Music is by far the most wonderful method we have to remind us each day of the power of personal accomplishment.” – Chris S. Salazar

If you tell me that you have never been emotionally moved or affected by a particular song or a great piece of music, I probably will not believe you. Sometimes, it can make an impact on your subconscious and memory without you even realizing. It has actually been determined that our mind reacts to music in a similar way that it does to certain situations.  This basically means that when you feel happy, sad, angry or any other emotion, you begin to associate songs and music that you frequently listen to with it.

A number of people also say that music actually helps them deal with emotions and express in a better way than they would normally be capable of. Apart from this, it is a great mood-lifter or changer as well. I mean, just think about it for a minute, how many times has it happened that you instantly felt a change in your mood when listening to your favorite song? Perhaps, on several occasions.  As we move towards adulthood and take on more responsibilities, many times, music stops having the same significance in our lives as it did during adolescence.

Now, there is nothing wrong this because it’s only natural that with age or maturity, you are going to evolve and develop different tastes. No matter what, good music is always influential and can have impact anybody, old or young. Other than the fact that it brings people of various cultures and nationalities together since it has no language, music is also known to possess a few healing abilities. You can even call them powers.

Yes, this is quite true! Have you heard about surgeons playing their favorite soothing music in the operation theatre during a surgery? Well, a lot of surgeons ask for music while operating, not just because it helps with their concentration but also to build a positive vibe in the room which in some way can speed up the patient’s healing process.

Whether you believe in this phenomenon or not is another debate for a different time but the popular opinion remains that music does have healing powers that can directly or indirectly affect their mental as well as physical health and well-being. A number of therapists actually recommend music therapy to their patients to help with the management of their issues.  It has proven to be highly beneficial.

These are a few more surprising healing abilities that music has!

  • When a person listens to music, their brain releases a chemical called dopamine. It not only produces emotions but also ensures that your nervous system is being run efficiently. This is basically a feel good substance that can help you feel better in no time.
  • Music is known to physically affect your heart rate and blood vessels as well. In a study conducted by Dr. Mike Miller, it was established that listening to music could relax a person’s blood vessels and stabilise their breathing and pulse rate. You can experience a change within yourself too.
  • If you listen to happy songs and lyrics frequently, you begin to think positively more often as well. Songs are known to inspire and motivate people to go further in their lives.
  • As mentioned above, therapists and mental health experts recommend music therapy to people. Well, it has been determined that music helps with conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and depression. In a study at Harvard, the results indicated that people actually experienced a boost in their self-esteem after going through music therapy.
  • Music triggers happy and pleasant memories of good times. Certain songs are associated with certain people or places that can remind a person of love, happiness and warmth. When you listen to this particular music, you might feel better thinking of that memory again.
  • You can undergo physical healing while listening to some music. An acupuncturist discovered a technique which indicated that person’s blood cells respond to sound and its frequencies. It was determined that sick or rogue cells could heal once the sound of music was harmonised.

Now while these are just some of the healing powers that music possesses, if you research further, you are going to find a lot of variations of such points. It can help in ways that you cannot even think of. There are studies which show that music is able to aid with the recovery process. Hence, it’s not just something that one can dismiss it as a suggestion or opinion. Most people would also bring philosophy into it but while yes, lots of thinkers have gone onto say that music heals the soul and soothes it; we now have evidence backing the healing powers of musical sounds.

Other than that, researchers who have further explored these magical effects claim that there are several other possibilities associated with it as well. It is cathartic and can help closed off people express themselves and what they are experiencing. For those who often experience fear and social anxiety, music can have an immensely calming effect.

If you meditate regularly or are just looking to relax and de-stress, soft music works like a charm. In fact, the therapeutic abilities of music are so vast that not only listening but even the creation of music can have a healing impact.

In the end, I can say that whenever you feel overwhelmed and burdened by responsibilities in your adult life, the best way to recharge and rejuvenate is taking time out and listening to some soothing melodies!

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