Organizing Your Storeroom

By Amira Naushad


Storerooms are notorious clutter zones. We all have them where we dump 30-40 % of our unused household items. Unfortunately, it is also easy for the room to become a mess when you are storing items there without finding a proper place for them. Organization is key for keeping your store room neat, easy to navigate and it is not difficult to do so as you might think. With a few simple changes, you can have a tidy, organized storage room where you can always find what you need.


Make An Inventory

The first thing in organizing your storage room is taking an inventory check of its contents. Remove everything and do a thorough clean up. Before storing things again divide them into three piles: things to keep, things to throw or donate and things to sell off. Things that need to be kept for re-storage must be in good condition, re-usable and of significant value. Items should be stored back, according to their probable frequency of use in the future. Items of regular use should be easily accessible.

Customize Storage

Make use of vertical space for storage. Add wall mounted shelves and place plastic bins or baskets on them to separate items by category. If you are using tools regularly, a peg board is an ideal solution because you can hang them in plain sight. Items like blankets, duvets, curtains and quilts can be stored in transparent zippered plastic bags so that they are easy to identify. Memorabilia, scrapbooks, games and photo albums can be stored in flat long plastic boxes with lids. Finally, household supplies which are rarely used such as spare furniture, lamps and extra beddings which are used only occasionally, should be placed at the far ends of the room.


Label Them

The key to an organized store room is knowing where each item is. No matter how good your memory, maybe it’s easy to lose track of where certain items are. Creating labels for all the storage options in your room makes it easy to locate items faster and know where to put new items as you acquire them. This way you can always find exactly what you are looking for without rooting through multiple drawers or boxes.

As we accumulate more things for storage throughout the year, we need to do regular sorting and purging every 3 months. By cleaning it regularly, the maintenance of the upkeep of this room will be easier and faster and will ensure that it remains uncluttered throughout the year.

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