Portraying Human Rights Through Films.

The entertainment industry is becoming one of the most powerful institution that is able to influence and create awareness about different issues, big or small.

Jean-Francois Cautain, the Ambassador of the EU said “arts and culture in general and documentary films in particular are increasingly playing an important role in understanding the world and its people. The Human Rights through the Cinematography Festival, especially its screenings in universities, is an excellent tool to raise awareness about different facets of Human Rights and to engage students in constructive debates.”


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Universal Deceleration of Human Rights, the 4th edition of Human Rights through Cinematography Film Festival was held at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) on Sunday. It will be running from 25th November to the 10th of December.


The organizers of the event included the EU and the United Nations in partnership with the member states of the EU, Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, Centaurus Cineplex and educational and cultural institutions.

The film festival will be featuring 27 award winning films and documentaries based on the Human Rights issues from around the world and the screening of these movies will be shown in nine cities which include; Gujarat, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Charsada and Quetta.

The main aim of this festival is to create awareness among the Pakistani public, especially the youth, about the human rights issues that are being faced globally, and to motivate them to contemplate on how to overcome these issues.

There is also an online campaign that has been launched by the organizers called, “#HRTC2018,” so that young people can follow it on their social media pages and thus spread the word.

The ceremony will begin by showing the film ‘Freedom of the Wolf,’ directed by Rupert Russel. This film is about how the elected leaders of the new generation have destroyed the meaning of freedom and democracies, the term “illiberal democracies” is used by the filmmaker and we get to see what he means by that.

The screening of the movie will be followed by a panel discussion comprising of human rights activist, Marvi Sirmed, journalist, Haris Khalique and MNA, Maleeha Bokhari.

Through the power of film and documentaries, we can educate the younger generations about the challenges the human rights are being faced around the world and encourage them to think about solutions that could protect the rights.



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