Saima Faisal Interiors

Re-creating Harmony & Elegance

It often happens that we plan to shop for furniture and some interior décor of our house and end up visiting myriads of stores without finding what we were looking for. The thought that you’d find what you are looking for is almost negligible. And that is why people nowadays go for bespoke furniture and interior because it not only defines them and their home, but it also reflects their history and values; and Saima Faisal Interiors know how to do the job!

Based in Lahore, Saima Faisal Interiors started with a concept of producing interiors and furniture. Initiated by Saima Shah, who is not only an NCA graduate with a degree in interior design, but has also worked on some major projects in the country along with the giants of the architecture for over ten years before deciding to go solo. SFI specializes in timeless elegant schemes that value design, acute attention to detail,taking inspiration from our own history and roots.

It offers you exclusivity; not only bespoke furniture can bring an indispensable amount of design and style to the functionality of any space, but it has a unique feel and look.

SFI is about aesthetic attitude and creating harmonious interiors that eschew the overly decorative in favour of authenticity. It is about defining and creating a personal life, a world that bears the water mark of an individual style, which is why in every design, every concept, every search for an object or work of art, they strive to re-create the original sense of harmony.

Their commitment to purity of design implies meticulous attention to detail and for that very purpose, at SFI, everything begins with craftsmanship. They deal in a wide range of furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, trays, gift boxes, lamps, floors, walls, stairs, couches, chest of drawers, desks, gates, doors, trunks, screens, stools, lanterns and much more along with providing interior services as well.

The work is done in high quality wood, leather and even stones; the items are hand crafted, painted and assembled.


Visit their profiles at Facebook and Instagram @saimafaisalinteriors to look at the amazing work. When you invest in custom wood furniture by Saima Faisal, you are most assuredly getting good value for your money. The craftsmanship is focused on producing quality, one-off piece for you which would endure the test of time.

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