Struggles only SZABIST students can relate to!

Studying in Szabist can be really difficult at times and NO! I am not talking about the studies here but everyday struggles which every student faces. Here are 7 struggles, we bet every Szabist student can relate to.

1)Running from one campus to another:


Since Szabist doesn’t have one big campus but  ‘chotay chotay Ghar’ oh I mean, campuses! where more than 2000 students come to study. When one class is at 90 and another at 154, students had to run a marathon to reach there on time or get marked absent. With only 3 absences allowed during a semester, it gets super difficult to cope with.


2) 154 ki nahe balkay 90 ki biryaani!


Okay, we totally misunderstood by the fact that 154 ki biryani is the best but wait, have you tried 90 ki biryani? GO NOW AND TRY!


3) 100 Reception is the only place where we can get AC!


When its too hot, 100 campus’s reception is the only place where you cant get AC ki ‘hawa’ and you are lucky if you get a place to sit there!



4) You can no longer smoke inside the campus!


When I came to szabist, there were places where you could smoke inside the campus but after a year students were strictly not allowed to smoke inside and now everybody has to go outside to smoke which is pretty much a big deal for everyone. Also, don’t try to act smart cause there are cameras everywhere!


5) We have a school in our neighborhood


Its a fish market outside Szabist when the school gets off! it’s better not to move yourself during that time or else you’ll get stuck for a good few hours.


6) Aunty park? No, the park opposite aunty’s park!


It’s not the aunty park but its the park which is opposite aunty’s park where you will find a lot of Szabist students ‘chilling’


7). Parking Problem

Even though Szabist has its own Parking area, students still cannot find a place to park their cars and get late for their classes.


8) ‘Bag bahar se dein’ OR ‘ID card nikalen’

Even when you enter the campus 10 times, you still have to show your ID card and give your ‘Bag bahar se’ kiukay itni dair may humne kahee asla na rakh lia ho!


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