Trick Yourself into Eating Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is no walk in the park and it can be quite challenging to follow diet plans or be regular with a workout. If you are anything like me, you might also find dieting or going to the gym incredibly difficult. However, I do realize that there is nothing more important than maintaining a clean lifestyle and actively strive towards it.

There are actually numerous tips and tricks that one can incorporate into their daily routine to ensure that they eat well and mindfully. You will be surprised to know how many people tend to neglect the aspect of mindful eating which can actually help you live better and healthy. If you make small changes to your day to day life, making healthy eating choices will become a lot easier.

Here are some ways you can trick yourself into it!

  • Begin using smaller utensils or more specifically small plates.

As it happens that when you serve your food in larger plates, your portions become bigger and you tend to eat more than your appetite. By getting small plates and utensils, you will be able to reduce the size of your meals significantly. According to a research, if a person made a simple change from a 12 inch plate to a 10 inch one to serve their daily meals, their food consumption over the year would reduce by 22%.

  • Use slender and tall glasses for soda or carbonated drinks

While it is advised that one should completely cut out these drinks from their lives for a better living, but it can be difficult for some people who consume these on a regular basis. The idea is to reduce the amount slowly and gradually. You can get tall and slender glasses instead of shorter, horizontal ones because most of the time our brains assume that anything in a vertical container is more or bigger.

  • Contrast your plates with the food.

You may never have heard of this one before but scientific research has proven that if the color of your plate contrasts with the food, your brain will be able to figure out the appropriate portion size for the meal.  Look at it this way, a blue or green color plate would be ideal for serving light colored food item such as potatoes because this way, you will be able to determine the portion size easily.

  • Display the healthy food items in visible and prominent places.

Basically, when you are hungry or headed out in a rush and want to grab something to eat, you most likely pick up the snacks that you can see right in front of you. Instead of having chips or carb loaded food items out on display, keep fruits or nuts that are healthy in prominent places within your house. This way, you can avoid snacking on unhealthy foods.

  • Keep all the healthy food items in large containers.

You are most likely to respond to things in larger containers and eye catching. By keeping the healthy foods where they are easy to spot and can get in your way, you can make sure that you eat clean most of the time. Other than that, store all the fatty food items in smaller containers so they can be easily hidden from the visible places.

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