Tuition v Education

Education is one of the most important parts of any country. It can enlighten people about the world around them as well as give them a new perspective, educating someone can be considered as the best deed you can do.

What is education comprised of though? Is it purely academics or is it more than just academics?

In Pakistan, as competition gets tougher so does getting excellent results and getting admissions to the best schools, most of the schools are only focused on preparing students to help them get that ‘A.’

Before education used to be about learning outside the books, it was about acquiring new skills, learning about good habits, being able to apply the values and beliefs that you were taught, but now schools are only concerned with teaching students to memorize facts, figures and regurgitate the information.

Today, most of the Pakistani student’s receive their education through after-school tuition’s, where they are being taught on how to prepare for exams and getting A’s, as long as they are achieving excellent grades, they are being given good education and teacher’s are receiving their salaries.

From a very early age, children are put in schools where teachers tell students to read everything and just remember everything they read, children are expected to know what they are being taught regardless of whether they are interested or if they are understanding the concepts or not.

Education, should not be presented in such a monotonous way, especially to children. But more importantly, studies are not the only thing that makes up education, it includes other important lessons as well, such as how to apply the lessons taught to our everyday life, and creating our own opinion.

Pakistani schools should incorporate all areas of education not just the academic part but also in teaching students how to critically think, how to apply what they know, be able to make their own perspective about issues and coming up with a solution.

These areas of education are equally important as revising for exams and getting ‘A’s, we seem to be forgetting what the meaning of education and only remember what we can achieve from it academically.

Children should be taught according to their ages and in a fun, interesting way which will capture their attention, this will be able to recall their lessons better.

Pakistan should not make education just about studies and getting ‘As’ but also about extracurricular activities and applying their knowledge to their everyday life.

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