What’s good for your hair and skin

It goes without saying that your physical appearance and its condition is a result of what you feed yourself. Well, that proves a very important point that is your mom is not wrong when she cuts down your unhealthy  junk food  habits to accomplish her mission of protecting your skin and hair. You can now bring your hair and skin back to life by following the diet regimen mentioned below. Wait no more!

1- Pumpkin Seeds

Ever heard of a miracle? Witness it yourself by adding pumpkin seeds to your diet. Containing high portions of Vitamin A and K, these seeds leave no stone unturned in reproducing your hair shafts, which gives considerate volume to your hair. It also has vitamin C, which is integral for controlling oil that emerges from the oil glands present on your skin. This will definitely save you from getting uninvited pimples on your skin. Good luck!

2- Spinach

Are you afraid about aging and want to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and thinning hair? Spinach does control the fate of a healthy skin and hair. It is believed that spinach is a main secret to the flawless skin most of the female celebrities have as it contains vitamin A which assists in controlling wrinkles. Vitamin A works by retaining the moisture of your skin, thus serving as a catalyst to control signs of aging. No wonder Zeba Bakhtiar still looks radiant as ever! Spinach is also very rich in vitamin C, promoting hair growth. Celebrity nutritionist keeps a large portion of spinach in actors’ diet to restore good skin and hair. So what are you waiting for?

3- Avocado Oil

There is nothing better than having an avocado oil existence in your life to achieve an even skin tone that produces minimal oil. Vitamins A and D constitutes for the major portion in avocado oil that promotes faster hair growth along with a flawless, healthy skin. Don’t forget to purchase it the next time you plan to go for grocery shopping.

4– Coconut

Coconut can be used in multiple forms. Having coconut water will keep your skin and hair hydrated throughout the day, along with improving the nutrition quotient present in your body cells. It can also be used in the form of cooking oil, which is again very beneficial for getting shiny hair and ever glowing skin. A must try!

5- Red Bell Peppers

Replacing oranges with red bell peppers will be a better deal because it defeats oranges from a large margin when it comes to giving your body vitamin C. Relying on red bell peppers to fight against aging will never disappoint you as this food item is known to bless everyone with a spotless skin that we all crave for.  We highly recommend this one.



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