5 Things You Might’ve Missed In Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank You, Next’ Music Video.

Ariana Grande’s latest music video ‘Thank you, Next’ has broken the YouTube records after the video got 829K views, using the YouTube’s premier feature.

The song is the complete package of our all-time favorite chick-flicks and it also features the one and only Kris Jenner as Regina George’s mom from mean girls, yes this video is filled with such surprises.

So let’s go on a treasure hunt to see the little details we might’ve missed in the new music video.

  1. To Ricky:

You might remember the scene from ‘Mean Girls’ in which Regina George has a break-down when she reaches home and goes into her room, finds the burn book, pastes a picture of Lindsay Lohan. In this clip, Ariana is seen writing things like; “Good times, man,” “Friends forever and “Great Dancer.”


2) Brotherly Love:

A family member was also mentioned in a clip that was a referenced from the movie 13 going on 30, Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande. His signature is seen in the picture of a figure skater in the upper right corner and also in the doll house from the 13 Going On 30.

3) Weather Report:

Karen Smith was an ordinary girl from Mean Girls but with extraordinary talent of telling the weather by touching her breasts, she is portrayed in the clip by the girl who’s showing Karen’s special skill.

There was also the singer’s tank top which read “Needy” while in the original scene Regina George’s tank top read the word “A Little Bit Dramatic”. The word “Needy” could also be indicating the name of her next single.

Feeling nostalgic yet?

4) Lover:

This word on her cheer-leading uniform is again hinting a possible song title, seems that Ariana likes to tease names for singles.

5) Seven Rings:

There was a wide speculation among the Arianators about this phrase, but now this clip from ‘Thank You, Next’ has reassured the fans that there is a possibility this could be a title for a new song. The licence plate mentions the title Seven Rings.

So these were the little things you might’ve missed from Ariana Grande’s latest hit, we look forward to her next great hit.

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