edenrobe Launches ‘Knot The Blues’ Campaign

Depression is a woman’s worst enemy. It can overtake your mind in a second and leave you feeling like the loneliest person in the world and doesn’t give you the courage to share your thoughts.

Many women in Pakistan have experienced depression at least once if not many times in their life, which is why; now, brands such as edenrobe have launched a campaign called ‘knot the blues.’

This campaign aims to create awareness about the importance of depression and to encourage people to start talking about it.

The campaign showcases ordinary women who are all survivors of depression; these women share their stories and their experiences on what it was like to be depressed. Their family and friends didn’t even pay attention to why they were feeling this way.

‘Knot the blues’ focuses on highlighting depression as a vital issue these that must be dealt with immediately, not talking about this problem is bad and might worsen this condition because if we continue bottling it all in we will feel more depressed.

In the video posted on Instagram, we see these ordinary women saying things like: ‘Uljan ayse jo solaj ne ka naam na le,’ ‘Kayfiyat bayan se bahir rahay,’ ‘Koi baat na karni paray,’ ‘Apany alfaz meaningless lagay lekin dusron k bohot bhari: “sara din mood kyun off hota hai tumara,” “it’s all in your head,” “pagal hogai ho kya?” “psycho case”, “yaar tum har baat pe roti ho”, “mental.”

In order to break this vicious cycle, this campaign encourages women to open up about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings which will help put their mind at ease and feel better.

The campaign teaches the audience about speaking up about their depression as bravery lies within a conversation and will make women have confidence in themselves.

The video ends, with women tying the knots of their dupatta as a sign of mental and emotional strength while saying: ‘Jo dikhta nahi dusron ko us ka yaqeen nahi hota, lekin mujh me hai yaqeen!’ ‘uthnay ka,’ ‘phir se shuru karnay ka,’ ‘apnay problems face karnay ka,’ and ‘apni depression pe baat karnay ka.’

Those women who were at first ashamed of talking about depression because society was suppressing them with their words are the same the women who fight back society’s societies with their own words and stories.

We should be inspired by these women and start talking about depression to help all of the survivors of depression, to promote positivity.

Click on the link below to check out the video and follow edenrobe on Instagram.

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