Junoon Is Taking The Stage!

When the press release came out that Pakistan’s most famous and renowned Sufi rock band will be performing this December, the fans couldn’t get enough.

For 14 years, Junoon was able to mesmerize us with its modern rock and traditional folksy songs. Their first album ‘Taalash’ turned into a big hit, its success leads them to record more than half a dozen albums since then.

It’s true when they that this band is the pioneer of Sufi rock music.

Some of the bands greatest hits include; ‘Sayonee,’ ‘Azaadi,’ ‘Khwab,’ and ‘Jazba-e-Junoon,’ these were among the many songs that we still hear today, the people were crazy for them and some movies had also featured their songs too.

Unfortunately, around 2009 the band had an argument on one of the albums which featured the three singers together, it was called ‘Deewar,’ which according to the name had indeed become a wall between them and the band had broken up.

Recently, Junoon had reunited during this year’s independence day to perform a new version of their song ‘Khudi’. They were able to spread the feeling of patriotism and unity amongst the youth of Pakistan through the influence of music.

The band is going to take the stage again with their popular songs this December, according to a recent press release. Rest of the details will also be announced soon, till then we will be holding our heads together with excitement, one of the band members Salman Ahmed had also tweeted earlier that the band will be having a reunion this December.

We just can’t wait to know exactly when and where they will be having the concert!

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