Turkey’s DJ Proposed To A Pakistani girl

Inter-cultural marriages seems to have become very easy for everyone as well as becoming a trend. Recently, there has been a great increase in this type of marriage, from celebrity couples like Priyanka and Nick to commoners like the American girl who got married to a boy from Lahore.

Again another intercultural relationship has been announced; a well-renowned Turkish DJ just announced his engagement to a Pakistani girl.

The famous DJ had shared a picture of him with his beautiful fiancee with the caption: “My engagement ceremony and I’m very happy. May Allah shower all his blessing on us…So in a nutshell I finally got the girl.”


His name is Ferhat Kantik, he’s famously known as “DJ Kantik.” Kantik has performed in 40 countries worldwide, earlier that week he had captivated people in Quetta. The Turkish singer was welcomed by the students in the University of Balochistan in southwestern Pakistan on Sunday.

The vice chancellor of the university, Javed Iqbal had this to stay, “Turkey is our sister country and we’re always happy to welcome our Turkish brethren here.” These were his welcoming remarks.

The 31-year-old singer, then pleased the audience with a performance, this was his first time performing in southwestern Pakistan.

To show the love and respect for Turkey, the university had raised the Turkish flag on the main stage.

That’s one lucky girl!

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