Ayeza Khan comes under fire for promoting fairness cream

The world has advanced, magnificence benchmarks are changed, nowadays individuals over the globe chant the motto “Everybody is lovely in their claim way.” Each other influencer talks against color segregation, but celebrities in Pakistan are still living within the dim.

Pakistani on-screen character Ayeza Khan is bashed over the most recent Advertisement campaign for a nearby fairness cream brand.

ayeza khan

Individuals appear to be against her for advancing a brightening cream. Baffled fans took to Instagram and other social media stages to pound Ayeza Khan. Her fans appeared blended responses; a few trolled her whereas a few bashed her.

Ayeza Khan faced criticism

Ayeza Khan is the unused brand ambassador for nearby Pakistani brightening cream brand Faiza Beauty Cream. Her appearance within the most recent commercial advertisement ended up questionable since of its script.

Ayeza Khan gave the credit of her victory to the brightening cream brand, and her fans have gone wild approximately about it.

Branding, commercials, and all that aside, It is tall time to realize that separation of any kind is against humankind. The celebrities and influencers ought to spread love and solidarity rather than advancing things that are creating an mediocrity complex.

Four unrecognizable diverse women holding to each other

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