Chit Chat with Sarah Kamal Muggo

W.O caught up with the fitness enthusiast and an author, a strong individual with a vision of powerful thought and skills for living a healthy lifestyle. Read on for an exclusive interview with her.


Q) Talking about your book, what is it about and why did you feel the need to write this particular book?

A: In Pakistan there are no books in the fitness genre which cater specifically to Pakistani girls women’s needs (15-50) age group and I’ve set out to remedy this with a guidance manual for those interested in improving their fitness and nutrition. This book encourages and inspires a lifestyle change. It advocates that starvation or spot dieting is not the key to a fit body. Size zero was a fad that came and went. A healthy Pakistani diet combined with an exercise and training regimen for your particular body type are health essentials. Exercise, nutrition, sleep and relaxation are all mutually interconnected. The information in the book is invaluable for a person who wants to change their physical as well as thought process related to a lifestyle, and restrictive eating habits. Reading and having a pocket book at hand which you can fit into your bag, as a source to guide you and allow you to make better choices for yourself is vital. Everyone is unique. Lesson in the book: Do not believe in miracles. Sweat it hard. Hard work always pays off!

Q) What does fat free or low fat cooking mean to you? As a fitness enthusiast, would you recommend people go fat free or low fat?

A: Fats help us absorb vitamins A, D, E, K, nerve functions, hearts and provide our bodies with good skin tone and cushion. Fats are not your enemy. Anything in excess is bad. Essential fatty acids your  body needs, are the omegas. Prevent your blood from thickening. Plant sources are flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, avocados soya like tofu, nuts and olive oil. Different healthy fat sources provide essential fatty acids, nutrition like dairy, milk cheese yoghurt. Not unless you have a medical issue. Obesity, heart related, gut related, diabetes etc. Eat the recommended amount of fat required for normal body functions to take place.

Q) What about fad diets? Keto and Atkins and low carb and what not…what’s your take on all this?

A: I don’t follow them. Consistency is key, be able to maintain your lifestyle change. Keep it practical and uncomplicated. For low fat some oil to chicken, vegetables and grains. Fish has oil already so do not need to add into it. Ghee is the purest oil unrefined important vitamins minerals antioxidants Daali, bread, brown rice, natural sugars for a low carb Daali. Jaggery purest unrefined sugar Daali refer to Daali interview in the book. I do read about them. But I don’t follow any diets. If lifestyle similar to training for Ramadan low carb. Good carbs. No refined sugars. Too much protein. Can play with your Uric acid levels. Meatless days recommended load up on vegetables have fruits and lemons hydrate with water.

Q) What are the three lifestyle changes we can make amidst this lockdown to help us journey towards a fitter self?

A: Here are basic tips. 1.Workout, build up your heart rate at least 10 min daily move for 40 min to 1 hour min daily keep your metabolism up and de-stress. 2. Healthy eating, adopt a good diet including all your food groups. Retrain your stomach 4/5 small meals manage your timings and portion control md focus on what type of food you are eating and how do you react to it. 3. Hydrate with water coffee green tea 7% active molecule of EGCG vs 2% active curcumin (stains) turmeric latte nut milk tea lemon water or infused. 4. Read and relax. 5. Your meal plans and workouts! See chapter 9 on the book.

Q) What about cheat days? Do you recommend cheat meals or days?

A: Yes, definitely. Junk, desserts, pizza, nihari, biryani, etc

Q) How important is exercise and how can we stay at home and get active?

A: Build strength stamina relaxation De stressor Anti Anxiety Anti Depressant A medication Speeds up your metabolism Increases blood circulation Maintains skin tone and muscle mass Best anti aging pill

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