Exercises and parts it targets

If you are on a mission to tone your entire body we have some great exercise recommendations for you. Check out these four most effective forms of body exercises that will transform your legs, shoulders, arms and lower back in the best way possible.

1- Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squat is great for achieving toned legs. For this exercise equipments that you require are an elevated platform and two 10 pound dumbbells. You can perform this exercise at home and gym both. All you need is an elevated platform which can be a bench or a couch. Put one leg on the elevated platform and take a large step out with your other leg being at the same position. Repeat this exercise ten times on each leg and don’t forget two 10 pounds dumbbells while you are doing this exercise.

2- Lateral Raises and Front Raises

This exercise targets shoulders and should be performed at least five times a day. This exercise requires three parts. First of all you should stand up straight and squeeze your glutes along with holding 5-10 pounds dumbbells in each hand. Make sure that your arms are in a straight position and begin the lateral raises by taking your arms out to form a T shape and come back to your normal position gradually. Repeat this for 10-15 times. Once you are done you can begin front raises by stretching your arms in the front direction.

3- Plank to push up

If you want to know the best secret of achieving toned up arms you have to do exercise that does justice to your triceps. Keep a yoga mat before you begin this exercise and take the forearm plank position by coming down on your elbows and start the push ups. This exercise might come across as something very easy but it is actually not. In no time you will start noticing that your triceps are gaining strength and your arms are toning up.

4- Elevated Glute Bridge

If you are thinking to aim your lower back this is the most suitable exercise. Lay down on a yoga mat in front of an elevated platform which can be a couch as well. Place your hands on the ground and your feet on top of the elevated platform. Squeeze your glutes towards the upward direction and try to form a straight line from your neck to the knees. Repeat this for a minute and you will be good to go.


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