Is Iqra Aziz switching her acting career?

Not excellent news for you if you’re Iqra Aziz fan, as Iqra is believed to be quitting showbiz and choose a replacement career in life ahead. What lies ahead is nevertheless to be disclosed, Iqra hinted during a recent Instagram post that she is attempting out one thing new we tend to marvel what it might be?

Phenomenal actor Iqra Aziz’s Best Performances thus Far!

No question, Iqra has given a few mind-blowing exhibitions to date. We completely adore the script choices she has made so distant. She has played each character with perfection.

Suno Chanda

Her blockbuster show Suno Chanda is one of the observed dramatizations of the Pakistani industry around the world. Individuals went insane for the appear, and producers indeed make a continuation of the show on open request. Fans adored Iqra and Farhan Saeed chemistry within the serial.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Iqra Aziz gave a capable execution within the serial, and acted inverse Imran Ashraf, Fans cherished her faultless execution and lauded her hard work. In spite of the fact that Imran Ashraf take the appear within the serial by playing the character of Bhola, an impeded guy.


Iqra Aziz is one of the foremost flexible performing artists within the Pakistani industry. Yet again, she dazed everybody by playing Nirma within the serial, a witty, narrow minded, eager individual who would do anything for cash. She played the part inverse her spouse, Yasir Hussain.

iqra aziz

No matter what part she plays, she takes off the groups of onlookers in wonder each time she shows up on the screen. Her on-air dramatization these days is KASAK, featuring inverse Junaid Khan.

We are enthusiastically holding up for what she is up to these days, so put up your considering caps on! What do you think? Share your contemplations within the comment area underneath?

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