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We are regularly on the hunt for inspirational women doing wonders in various walks of life. Recently one of our editors came across one such talented lady, and we spoke to her about her passions. Amna Mehwar of Amnas Interior Architects and Mystical Events by Amna. She provides a one stop management solution for all your events and indulges you in nothing less than perfect. Amna is providing interior solutions for almost 14 years; she knows interior design is making the best possible use of space because it inspires your goals.

Q) Tell us something about yourself?

A: I am married and have 3 boys. My husband is a director of “Bridge Education System.” I did my bachelors from college of Home Economics Gulberg and then Masters in Interior Designing from National College of Arts (NCA). My only hobby is designing people’s life through their designed interior.

Q) What inspired you to become an interior/exterior designer as well as an event planner and start your own companies? 

A: I started my own office and registered my interior designing firm14 years ago. I decided to become an interior designer when I was just 11 years old. I came to know that our surroundings beauty is directly related to our mood. The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized; meaningful environment. Beauty in our surrounding plays a vital role in our minds creativity.. And that is why I believe that interior designing is very important whether it is your residential project, commercial, or retail. Now coming to event planning, I actually started designing and decorating events while I was doing my bachelor’s. Creating new ideas for someone’s big day is my passion. My each event is decorated and designed differently from others.

Q) Being a business woman how can you contribute to women empowerment?

A: While talking about women empowerment my thoughts and believes are different from others. I am a little conservative while talking about woman empowerment; I believe that my power is directly related to my husband’s respect, if my husband has respect then I am powerful in this society. Being a female entrepreneur, I faced a lot of problems while working in this society, but initially my father and then my husband always played a vital role in strengthening and empowering me.

Q) Where do you see your companies five years down the road?

A: Our company has done some real major projects since its establishment; we have some of the great names in our portfolio, like Beaconhouse School System, Punjab Revenue Authority offices, Indigo Heights, Deewan e Khas, Coffee Tea and Company restaurant and many more. I believe that hard work can do wonders and InshaAllah by the grace of Almighty Allah I see my company performing miracles in future. Right now, my aim is to create something unique and unusual. I am looking for a project that would add more prestige and recognition to Pakistan. After doing thousands of projects I’m still craving for that special one.

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