Anam Malik Reveals The Impertinent Shenanigans Of The Pakistani Fashion Designers!



Recently, a renowned model Anam Malik shared her disappointment in relation to a recent shoot she did with an esteemed fashion brand. We got in touch with Anam to gain a deeper understanding of her concerns, and what really went on between her and the implicated fashion house.  You can find the gist of the conversation we had below.



Q) How did it all start?

A) 2 months back we did a shoot for Tena Durrani, I started calling her 1 month ago and spoke to a girl from her office called Manal, who replied back saying, “yeah I’m sending your money this week or next week.” This kept going on until last week they stopped picking up my calls, then I called Tena twice and she was still not answering. Yesterday, after posting my status I got a call from the CEO Taimur Shah, who said that they were going to clear my payment this week only. But I’m not sure whether they are going to or not, I have no idea what their action plan is now.

Q) Why do you think she hasn’t paid you yet?

A) I have no idea why they haven’t paid me, and this happened with me as well as to other models, for example, my fellow models had told me that once a model wasn’t given her payment for 8 months! This was my first experience working with Tena, and I fail to understand why my payments haven’t been cleared yet. It is discouraging to see how these designers profit so much from bridal shoots and fashion shows while we are not even paid off our fair shares. Moreover, she recently went to London to showcase her collection as well as having worked with the likes of celebrities like Kareena Kapoor in the past. Concern for our payments is a whole another matter, designers don’t even bother receiving our phone calls.



Q) Did it occur to you that this could lead to immense trouble with Tena Durrani and other such designers?

A) Honestly, I don’t care if Tena doesn’t work with me in the future or doesn’t keep me in any of her shows, I’m very hardworking and I think my image in the industry is such. I never thought till now who will not want to work with me, and if she doesn’t want to work with me, then I don’t care, there are lots of other people who are working with me such as giant textile brands!


Q) Why didn’t you name and shame the designer like the comments mentioned in your post?

A) Because honestly speaking I just posted this as a reminder that what they’re doing is wrong and this is an extremely serious issue, and I feel they will start considering it one now. It was obvious though because I did write about the brand’s shoot with Kareena Kapoor and the recent shoot with Farwah. The support shown by my fellow models and photographers further instilled it’s a mutual concern.


Q) Why did you just choose to post this now?

A) Because they take about 2 weeks to a month to clear the payments. Sadly, it’s been over 2 months, I still haven’t been paid for the shoot.


Q) Why did you use Facebook as a medium?  

A) Because Tena Durrani was on my friends’list and so are my other fellow models.

Q) Do you have anything to say to all of the other models or designers out there?

A) Just that if we want people to work in the fashion industry and want other people to also come and work then all the designers and models need to work in unity and respect one another. Additionally, we should finish this concept of treating celebrities differently and the models differently. I feel we should be given the same respect and treatment that they give to celebrities and the designers should understand that bridal shoots are more difficult than the lawn shoots, They should respect us, and if any other model is going through this than they should speak up about this impending issue too.


We are hoping that this dies down soon since Anam contacted us later saying they have agreed to clear her payments in installments. We truly hope power houses in the fashion industry stay transparent and integral to the hard working models and other artists they sign up with. More power to Anam for speaking up and taking a stand. We bid the model best of luck for her future endeavors.




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