Tete-a-tete with Farrukh Salman

Architecture requires specialized information in the fields of designing, coordinations, geometry, building procedures, practical structure and ergonomics. It likewise requires a specific reasonableness to expressions and feeling. Being an architect and educationist is altogether a different blend. W.O got an opportunity to have a chit-chat with this talented man, Farrukh Salman. He got an honorable mention from IAP KBA Award for his thesis project, named “Panah e Saalik.” He mentioned that he is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at NED University, Managing Principal at BUCON Architects and also works as a thesis advisor for various Universities. 


Q) Tell us something about yourself?
A: I am Farrukh Salman. I studied architecture at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture & currently perusing Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. I am an adjunct faculty at NED University for Architecture Design Studio. I tend to keep a balance between my career as a practicing Architect and an Educationist.

Q) How do you manage to convince people about the value of professional designing as opposed to just hiring contractors to do the job?
A: People have this notion that hiring an architect will make their project go over budget. Which is not always true. In our practice we try to make the project as cost and energy efficient as possible. In many projects we have been able to achieve desired results under the prescribed budget. We make sure our client’s pocket does not suffer because of our design ego. Its Architect’s job to manage the budget sensitively while making design decisions.

Q) How do you keep up with industry changes?
A: Travelling is the best learning experience one can get. Apart from that I use YouTube as my tutor. There are a lot of documentaries and films to watch which keep you updated, increase your knowledge and understanding.

Q) What are the unique key factors your company has?
A: We work in a friendly environment with our clients. Our studio operates as a proactive partner in any project rather than consultants. We believe in addressing architecture and design in a socially responsive way, and we tend not to compromise on that.

Q) Do you have a signature style for designing or is it more client oriented?
A: We don’t believe in signature styles but we do believe in having a human centric approach to design. We apply our understanding of society, culture, climate and context in design process, which varies from project to project. It’s a
collaborative process between the architect and client.

Q) Which is more challenging being an architect or educationist?
A: Being an architect is definitely more challenging, but facing these challenges keep me motivated and inspired.

Q) Any advice/suggestions for the upcoming people in this field?
A: It’s a very vast field. Find your passion and stick to it. Patience and consistency is the key.

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