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Ayeza Khan comes under fire for promoting fairness cream

The world has advanced, magnificence benchmarks are changed, nowadays individuals over the globe chant the motto “Everybody is lovely in their claim way.” Each other influencer talks against color segregation, but celebrities in Pakistan are still living within the dim.

Pakistani on-screen character Ayeza Khan is bashed over the most recent Advertisement campaign for a nearby fairness cream brand.

ayeza khan

Individuals appear to be against her for advancing a brightening cream. Baffled fans took to Instagram and other social media stages to pound Ayeza Khan. Her fans appeared blended responses; a few trolled her whereas a few bashed her.

Ayeza Khan faced criticism

Ayeza Khan is the unused brand ambassador for nearby Pakistani brightening cream brand Faiza Beauty Cream. Her appearance within the most recent commercial advertisement ended up questionable since of its script.

Ayeza Khan gave the credit of her victory to the brightening cream brand, and her fans have gone wild approximately about it.

Branding, commercials, and all that aside, It is tall time to realize that separation of any kind is against humankind. The celebrities and influencers ought to spread love and solidarity rather than advancing things that are creating an mediocrity complex.

Four unrecognizable diverse women holding to each other

The ‘colonial beauty standards’ criticized by Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil is one of the foremost well known and famous performing artists of the Pakistan showbiz industry. She has done a few of the epic ventures such as Behud, Balu Mahi, and Meri Jaan. She has moreover worked as a have within the showbiz. he has been an dissident and talked around different happenings and issues that have brought up recently. She has too examined and have shared her sees and viewpoints almost women’s issues. She has edified the fluctuating generalizations of our nation over the subject of women which really appears that Nadia Jamil isn’t as it were an on-screen character within the showbiz industry but moreover talks up over ladies issues as a citizen of our country.

nadia jamil

Nadia Jamil Condemn Excellence Generalizations In Pakistan.

As of late, Nadia Jamil shared her sees on the Twitter string. She talked around the baseless and outlandish character and picture guidelines based on beauty, and this wanton thought and culture have infused in our society for like a a long time back and since of these subjective measures put by our society is the most cause and reason behind destructive and dangerous result for the ladies of our nation. She shared tweets strings concluding her viewpoint approximately Colonial Beauty Standards.

She wraps up almost the results in her tweets that being a lady in a society where the female sexual orientation is revered and respected by a beautiful confront instead of a lovely identity it’s not as it were being hyped up within the society presently but it is additionally being subjective and most critical motivation in all the promoting stages of our nation. These magnificence benchmarks idolized by society has made ladies confront results not as it were in their way of life but moreover exterior the entryway of their homes. And this doesn’t see alike simple but it is fundamental to address individuals incite these clichés.

At the same time, Nadia Jamil moreover concluded her fans and devotees to not get frightened and alarmed by the reality. She encourage described her words that things take time and alter can be brought up gradually. And things will work out continuously bit by bit. So we all ought to not lose trust and be idealistic since we all have seen and spot the contrasts and expected a enormous break absent from these generalizations. Sooner or afterward but things are preparing in their way and it is happening presently.

Taking after the final arrange of her tweet string, the Balu Mahi performing artist Nadia Jamil moreover gave a conclusion by describing an illustration of a reasonableness trademark that as of late changed their brand title after being a questionable subject for empowering and creating off-base marks and it seen to be tricky.

Well, the powers have in spite of the fact that not confined Nadia Jamil to spill over the issues and treacheries happening in our society. Particularly after the motorway occurrence happened some days back numerous individuals talked around open execution and strict activity against the occurrence not concluding the genuine issue of our society. Nadia on the other hand spilled approximately social revamping is essential along side instruction and mindfulness.

Is Iqra Aziz switching her acting career?

Not excellent news for you if you’re Iqra Aziz fan, as Iqra is believed to be quitting showbiz and choose a replacement career in life ahead. What lies ahead is nevertheless to be disclosed, Iqra hinted during a recent Instagram post that she is attempting out one thing new we tend to marvel what it might be?

Phenomenal actor Iqra Aziz’s Best Performances thus Far!

No question, Iqra has given a few mind-blowing exhibitions to date. We completely adore the script choices she has made so distant. She has played each character with perfection.

Suno Chanda

Her blockbuster show Suno Chanda is one of the observed dramatizations of the Pakistani industry around the world. Individuals went insane for the appear, and producers indeed make a continuation of the show on open request. Fans adored Iqra and Farhan Saeed chemistry within the serial.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Iqra Aziz gave a capable execution within the serial, and acted inverse Imran Ashraf, Fans cherished her faultless execution and lauded her hard work. In spite of the fact that Imran Ashraf take the appear within the serial by playing the character of Bhola, an impeded guy.


Iqra Aziz is one of the foremost flexible performing artists within the Pakistani industry. Yet again, she dazed everybody by playing Nirma within the serial, a witty, narrow minded, eager individual who would do anything for cash. She played the part inverse her spouse, Yasir Hussain.

iqra aziz

No matter what part she plays, she takes off the groups of onlookers in wonder each time she shows up on the screen. Her on-air dramatization these days is KASAK, featuring inverse Junaid Khan.

We are enthusiastically holding up for what she is up to these days, so put up your considering caps on! What do you think? Share your contemplations within the comment area underneath?

Is Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami’s relationship over?

Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami are the favorite couples of the Pakistan showbiz industry. They both are super-talented performing artists as well as they make such a captivating couple together. Noman Sami is one of the notorious and dazzling male on-screen characters. He is well-known for his execution in Mera Dill Mera Dushman. And on the other hand, Alizeh Shah is one of the most youthful and celebrated on-screen character. There’s been a part going into knowledge with respect to the breakup news of these two. All the social media stages are highlighting their news of the breakup. But is it genuine or not? Or it’s fair all discussion and drama? Well, you’ll get to know all the points of interest with respect to their relationship.

alizeh shah and noman sami

Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami broke up!

So, all through this year we have seen celebrities breaking up, get hitched, getting separated, or indeed turning into modern connections. And there has been another stunning news on the other side of the fence. The most youthful couple of our showbiz industry Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami got broke up. Both celebrities have declared the breakup call. Well, we have seen both of them together more than regularly on social media. All the fans and devotees are disturbed and surprised.

People are making rumors approximately them while, individuals are too addressing their breakup. What perspectives bring in between their relationship? What causes them to drop separated? As Alizeh Shah was concluded the unused smash of Pakistani industry. Her magnificence and exceptional acting abilities are respected by her fans and followers.

Noman Sami too wished Alizeh on her enormous day sharing ancient pictures and wishing her cheerful birthday. Moreover as of late, he shared film of their show serial Mera Dill Mera Dushman. As we haven’t seen both of them for a long time.

Back in 2019, theory was made related to their relationship as both the performing artists were seen together hanging out. They too worked together in a dramatization serial Mera Dill Mera Dushman. And since at that point, the discussion and warm bubbling up almost whether the co-stars of Mera Dill Mera Dushman are dating or not. But too bad, after hearing up all the news with respect to their undertaking both the on-screen characters uncovered that they are dating each other. Presently by and by, the couple called it off.

There was moreover another rumor within the discuss around Alizeh Shah and Noman Sami unfollowing each other on Instagram. Which gave us a clear indicate almost the conclusion of their relationship as well. Not as it were this, but they moreover evacuated their transport names that were “Alino” and “Noamzeh” from their Instagram bios as well. And after that all their fans and devotees making up breakup news and spreading rumors approximately them. But we can’t thrust on the points of interest till the time the couple calls it up official breakup news. So we still are not beyond any doubt in the event that they are still together or not.

Do you too accept that Noman and Alizeh are not together any longer? Or they still are dating ? Share your sees within the comment area underneath.

Ayesha Omar’s dance video goes viral

Recently, Ayesha Omar shared a video of her dancing along with her friends on her Instagram account that goes viral all around the social media and it’s trending as well. In the video, she is seen dancing and enjoying along with her friends. Her fans and followers are admiring her dance video and praising her dance moves. As we know the lady is anti-social and she doesn’t put up many pictures and videos on her social accounts. So this new dance video seems kind of retreat for her fans and followers.

Ayesha omar

Ayesha Omar’s Dance video:

Are you also a fan of Ayesha Omar? Stay Tuned with us for latest news and updates

Ramsha Khan compared to Anushka Sharma, what she thinks?

Ramsha Khan, a wonderful youthful ability that begun her career with “Thora Jee Lay” has been seen in a few ventures in Lollywood. She has astounding acting aptitude and does each part with brilliance. But since she begun her career she has been compared to Anushka Sharma a part. Everybody considers them as each other’s doppleganger and never overlooks to remind us so. But Ramsha on one hand doesn’t like being compared. Wanna know why? Keep perusing.

ramsha khan compared

Ramsha Khan compared to Anushka Sharma

In a meet with Ahsan Khan on Bol Evenings, she was inquired how she feels being compared to the indian on-screen character and Ramsha answered that “I would like to be known as my own person” which appears she needs to be recongnized by her claim ability and not as a copy of someone.

Watch the meet below:

Ramsha was not off-base and we moreover think individuals ought to be known for what they do themselves and not for being a duplicate of someone.

What do you folks think? Let us know in the comments below.

Asim Azhar new song is going to be a hit?

2020 has been a special year for many of the people within the world. But the case isn’t an equivalent with Asim Azhar, We guess Asim Azhar’s new songs are coming consistently in 2020, and his fans can make a playlist of his songs. When it involves melodious, good voice and good song, Asim Azhar never disappoints his fans.

We must say the foremost famous songs from Asim Azhar’s new songs were “Tum Tum.” we’ll be keeping the very fact aside how criticism the manufacturers had to face due to numerous unusual things. But “Tum Tum” hit such 1,000,000 milestone on YouTube in such a brief time that was outstanding and unbelievable even for Asim Azhar. Well, aside from other to songs which were also adored by Asim Azhar’s fans were “Soneya,” “Sassi,” “Ishqiya,” (which is an ost), and his Bollywood very famous debut “Humrah.”

asim azhar new song

Asim Azhar also took a flash and posted an image with a cute caption telling this year he has released 5 of his favorite songs, and all were successful songs we must say. Later, he also questioned his fan, which may be a favorite song out, so those fives. Well, we must say we are rooting for “Humrah.”

Asim Azhar New Song “Tasveer’s” Teaser Is Out:

Moving forward, this is often not it! Asim Azhar new song is ready to be back that, too, is in 2020. the song is known as “Tasveer,” which seems like a touch sad song or on the emotional side. We loved the teaser thus far and are positive that the song are going to be great. But the question arises will it’s nearly as good as his other songs?

Are you guys excited to concentrate to Asim Azhar’s new song? And which one is your personal favorite out of the previous five songs? we expect that by the top of 2020, Asim Azhar will probably release one song too. After all, 2020 is clearly his year!

Sanam Saeed Demands National Sex Offender Register

The motorway incident has left everyone beyond shocked, and each individual wants to raise their voices against this cause as much as they can. This case is so sad and heart-wrenching that none of the human beings, I guess, would want to step back for this. And celebrities are included in this as well. I won’t lie if I say that there are so many celebrities who always come forward to talk about society’s goods and evil, which is quite appreciable.

sanam saeed

And now when it comes to the protection of the women in Pakistan and all the misogynist in Pakistan, no celebrities stopped themselves and Sanam Saeed is one of them.

Sanam Saeed Active On Twitter:

After the Lahore motorway incident and more likely after the CCPO’s statement Sanam Saeed has been active on twitter and have been posting quite a lot over this cause.

Sanam Saeed tweeted on a twitter where she is asking the government to prioritize the other serious issues more than just banning the dramas and making huge deals of irrelevant topics.

Again on one of her posts, she compared the rapist and the guy with fake allegations. And over here, she seems to be proving that how our nations protect the criminals and do injustice with innocents.

When IG Punjab Usman Buzdaar stated that the CCPO’s statement was irrelevant and did not favor it at all. Then Sanam Saeed tweeted again, questioning them what steps they will take to make up feel safe? And after that, she also demands a National Sex Offenders Register.

I think this demand is justified. The women of this country are unsafe, and the system of our country needs to improve it. What are your thoughts on it? I hope you guys agree with it as well.

Pakistani Celebrities protest against Motorway incident

Recently, a horrific motorway incident happened in Lahore. Which brought up the anger and hundreds of questions about the safety of citizens of Pakistan. It has been raised regardless of concerns about rape cases that don’t specify based on gender. We have seen the bulk of people protesting against the rape cases happening in Pakistan. Now the Pakistani celebrities have also come along the way to show their grief and to stand against violation and rape scandals.

Pakistani Celebrities Raising their voices against Motorway incident

The rape incident happened on Tuesday night around 2 AM at Lahore motorway. A gang of robbers rapped a mother who was driving along with her two children at Motorway within Gujjarpura police’s jurisdiction. After this horrible incident happened it was brought up on all social media platforms demanding justice and brought up this incident into wider space. It was all over Facebook, Instagram, and all social platforms. People were started pushing up this incident especially women all around Pakistan showed the unity against this horrific incident. They all started to demand rights and severe punishment to the Merciless and hang them publicly to set an example for such monsters in our society and demanding for a secure nation to live.

Famous Pakistani celebrities like Ayesha Omar, Mahira Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Ali Rehman Khan, Yasir Hussain, and other iconic stars have seen together protesting against the rape cases which was organized by the media fraternity at Karachi Press Club.

This remarkable footage shows that our Pakistani celebrities also stand against evil and they are also the responsible citizens of our country. And they also took an active part in bringing up to not only the justice to the motorway happening but also rape cases.

pakistani celebrities

Well, we hope that the felons would get behind the bars or get the shameful punishment as soon as possible to set an example for all rapers. Share your views in the comment section below.

Hania Amir Lip Fillers Goes Wrong? Proven!

Planning on lip surgery? we recommend not to go for it! as Hania Amir Lip Fillers go wrong and fans couldn’t help but troll her. The ever so bubbly and charming Hania Amir caught people’s attention when she shared her latest selfie.

Hania Amir started her career as a supporting actress role in the film Janan; the actress won hearts with her cute dimples and acting skills. The actress is always praised for remarkable performance throughout the years. The actress’s lip fillers are quite visible in her latest pictures and videos.

View this post on Instagram

Excuse the paint but #iliketheview Missed you @mustafafahad26

A post shared by Hania Aamir (@haniaheheofficial) on

Fans Reacted To Hania Amir Lip Fillers!

Hania is always been in the limelight whether with her acting or charming smile. The actress’s relation with Asim Azhar was the talk of the town and people believed that the duo was dating each other! Later the actress made the huge revelation that both are “Just Friends” and nothing more, the video went viral was Hania revealed she is still single!

hania amir lipfillers

They shared amazing chemistry and we wish them luck for future endeavors!

Hania Amir’s latest drama serial “Dilruba is currently on air and fans are loving her as Sanam. Hania also did films after her debut films like Na Maloom Afrad and Parwaz Hai Junoon, opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi which was a big hit. Hania is usually seen given prefferance to small screen projects.

Hania Amir’s all hit drama serial Anna, Ishqiya and Pyaar Kahani in which Asim Azar was opposite her and fans loved their on-screen chemistry!

Hania Amir, this girl surely knows how to captures people’s attention she can heads turn around easily. Hania was loved by everyone when she goes backless for an event!

Hania’s lip fillers are not liked by her fans, do let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below.