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Exclusive: Arzutra Garielle. The British Girl Who Sings in Urdu, Sounds like Nazia Hassan

Tumhaari by Arzutra Garielle

Women’s Own team sat down with this lovely girl for a casual chit chat about her journey, life in general and her new single ‘Tumhaari’

WO: What inspired you to become a singer?

AG: My family wanted me to go to school, university then work as I had a traditional upbringing; however, I was never excited with academics. I was always trying to find some kind of escape from school, college and even university. I used to skip lessons and have lots of off days. I always found more joy in doing something of an artistic nature. I was constantly looking for ways not to follow the ‘normal’ conventional path. Although I had a deep desire to do something creative I never dreamed to be a singer. I really did stumble upon this Path of Music. I used to write poetry and those poems I tried to turn into songs as I started taking Singing Classes. I started those lessons for fun. That was in 2010. 10 years later and the fun turned into something a lot more serious. Nobody really inspired me to become anything. I would say I have really inspired myself on this long & painstaking journey. However that’s not to say I don’t have my idols in music who have inspired me along the journey.

WO: Tell us how you got started?

AG: I guess my very first singing lesson was never attended with the intention of wanting to be a singer. In fact, looking back on it, it was far from. Is it silly to say I just fell into it? I mean on the one hand I believe in God having everything mapped out for everyone. But he doesn’t do a great job of telling us right. This was a classic example of that where for the first 1 year I was really just dabbling with lessons, enjoying them, but nothing serious intended. After 1 year, I met a friend who suggested I make a song as my voice was nice. I mean what did he mean by that? Ok so I went along with it. I made an English song called ‘Feel It.’ I was far from ‘feeling it’. I realized in the whole process of making that song that I want to sing in Urdu. My love for Urdu came from growing up listening to Pakistani music with my Father who was obsessed with the likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I realized I enjoyed the recording process. It was fun. 9 years later I have recorded 30 songs. I absolutely love Studio work. Now making music has become my life.

WO: How has the journey been so far?

AG: There have been a lot of challenges which has made it a rocky road (or should I say a Rocky Mountain). I would say the biggest challenges have been the fact that its so hard to break into a male dominated Industry. I noticed myself turning from a quiet timid girl to a more assertive selfish girl – all because of the Industry we are in especially dealing with men where you are looked down upon as a woman. I have had to stand up for myself in every scenario. I feel like men don’t take you seriously as they should. The other difficult thing is rejections. I have learnt there’s two ways to open a door. One is to knock and the other is to simply kick the door down, break in & get what you want.

WO. Which of your songs is your favorite and why?

AG: My own personal favorite is ‘Woh Pal.’ This song’s melody is so haunting that I often find myself humming it in all sorts of different places. For me the song is about finding love in a black and white world.

WO: How you select songs and then decide to sing it in your own voice? Tell us about this process.

AG: Me & Atif Ali (the Music Producer in Dubai) firstly spend some time discussing the direction of the song. Do we want slow or fast song. Then we discuss the kind of story or concept for example if the girl is falling in love or if the girl is heartbroken. We have fun here because we put no limits on ourselves. We think freely. Often Atif Ali starts to put the initial ideas of the music down, whilst we are discussing the concept. There have been many occasions whilst I am still thinking & talking and the next thing I know, half our song is drafted out. Atif Ali usually gets a lyricist on board and then composes either before getting the lyrics or after, or a mixture of the both. He then lays a demo down in his voice & I take that away to practice. Before I go to practice, he translates every word since I do not understand Urdu without translation. I know many people think it’s strange & they always ask how am I managing to sing it. The translation helps me understand exactly what I will be singing & helps me bring more feel into the song. I then go away, rehearse the song and come back to the studio to record it. Recording is really the hardest part. Not only do I have to think about delivery but we often have occasions where we have had to do 100 retakes due to my errors in pronunciation. Once it’s recorded Atif Ali then completes the rest of the Music production.

WO: Each of your music videos looks visually aesthetic specially Zaalim and Mast. So once a song has been recorded, then how you visualize a music video for it?

AG: I always get heavily involved in the video creation process. I work closely with the Video Directors on the script. Then I work closely with each member of the team from the BTS videographer to the Wardrobe and Stylist. I want to ensure they all feel the song like how I feel it and that they bring a piece of their soul into my video. We start off with visual references. Then we build a story from there. An average amount of time we spend on planning the story is 2 -3 months. Sometimes much longer like 6 months.

WO: Tell us which Pakistani artists have inspired you the most and who are your favorite Pakistani artists from the current lot?

AG: Definitely Pakistani legends like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and yes Nazia Hasan for sure. I also really like Hadiqa Kiani, Atif Aslam and new pop sensations like Asim Azhar and Aima Baig. I think Pakistan is like the home of music. There are so many amazing musicians out there.

WO: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity? How do you manage personal and professional life?

AG: It is hard. At the moment I have a blurred line between my personal and professional life. I have a massive imbalance which I’m trying hard to address. I am a workaholic especially since my hobby has become my career. Even more so since my music career has really taken off in the last 1 and a half years. 5 years ago I had 2 people in my team. Now I have approx. 25. Asides managing my own things, I have to manage all the different personalities of my team members. At any one time I have around 4-5 projects I am involved in – all big projects. I have a To Do list and I then map out those items daily onto my daily planner. My daily planner doesn’t start with a blank template. It has half of it already pre-populated with food times, tea breaks etc. So I fill in the rest of the time with my work and pleasure activities. 98% is work and 2% is usually pleasure. I am trying to aim for an 80 / 20 balance. Whilst my weekdays are packed I will usually take the odd day on the weekend to visit a friend and turn my phone off. That’s my way of cutting off. I find pressure is immense when you are in this field from so many different angles – what you look like, how you speak to how you reply to your fans on social media. I can see myself starting to follow a minute by minute schedule soon.

WO: Your latest release ‘Tumhaari’ is a hit in Pakistan. Tell us what the song is about? And who is the inspiration behind your latest release?

AG:‘Tumhaari’ is an emotional song for me, I feel like it’s an experience. It is my most romantic song ‘til date. These kinds of songs don’t come around often. I love these slower kinds of songs & my fans are die hard romantics too. The acoustic original ‘Tumhaari’ is produced by Dubai based composer Atif Ali, Music Producer of several Bollywood films. For the Remix, I was lucky enough to collaborate with award-winning DJ Shadow, who has produced for Sean Paul, Pitbull and other renowned Western mainstream artists. The song was written and dedicated to my new lover at the time of a new blossoming relationship and recorded days after he broke my heart. I cried for 8 hours straight on a flight back to London from Dubai after the New Year’s tragic heartbreak. My Producer nearly sent me home as I couldn’t stop crying standing in the recording booth. The song reminds me of a reversible sweatshirt. On one side, the lyrics resemble falling in love and on the other side there’s hurt. While listening to the song I have more memories of tears rolling down from my face on the Emirates flight than memories of when I fell in love with him. I’m one of those people who wipes out all the good memories of my ex’s. Once it’s over everything becomes history.

WO: What the Pakistani fans can expect from you in the near future?

AG: I will be planning a Pakistan tour following a great show in Lahore last year. The 2nd Album is also on the way too. I have lots of new songs coming out – ‘Tumhaari’ this Friday and then a whole load more.

WO: Any message for your fans around the world especially in this time of global pandemic?

AG: Use this time of lockdown to work on yourself. We have extra time on our hands now more than ever. We should use it wisely. I would recommend having periods of time where your phone is switched off. Focus on eating clean food and enjoy the slowed down pace of life too.

WO: A lot of people in Pakistan are comparing your voice to Nazia Hassan’s. So how do you feel about that?

AG: Oh it is truly an honor. Nazia Hassan is an absolute legend. It is just really overwhelming for me to be compared to her. I am truly grateful for such an honor.

WO: And to end on a lighter note, who is your all-time favorite singer?

AG: My favorite singer is Michael Jackson because of his love for perfectionism in his Art.

Shopping For Flat Shoes in Pakistan

Unze London

The traditional Pakistani flat shoe design has been around centuries, the classic Kolapoori, Peshawari Chappal and Khussa motif are worn casually and formally depending on the occasion. These shoes were essential made from strong durable leather with intricate embellishments in cutwork and threadwork embroideries.

Shoe stores adopt these classic motifs by incorporating their decorative elements onto stylish modern flat shoes inspired by western English ballet flats or slippers. The result of the two eastern and western aesthetics mixing together are the perfect balance between two worlds giving women the chance to enjoy ethnic embroideries and patterns without compromising on contemporary glamour or trendy streetwear fashion.

The following list of Shoe Stores in Pakistan will help find the best slippers, sliders, chappals and sandals for women:

Unze Shoes

The Unze Summer Collection has a wide variety of Casual and Evening Slippers for women. These shoes are considered mid-range with a price range of Rs 3000 and above. The regular sales events have select shoes on 50% off making it easy to buy multiple premium designs on discounted prices.

The casual flats are solid bright colours with self embossed patterns on leatherette material making them affordable and comfortable. The evening slippers have neutral tones including beige, pink and grey paired with various artificial snake print patterns that look urban and stylish with party dresses and formal evening outfits.

Urban Sole

Urban Sole

The Urban Shoe ladies collection is ideal for professional women looking for multipurpose designs that can be worn to the office, casual lunches and dinners and semi-formal occasions. The flat shoes are designs using a thick sole that has plenty of shockproof padding to protect the lower back from any fatigue.
There are some flat shoes that are completely flat with a thin sole worn to festive occasions there is only one sparkling and glittery strap that grips the toes only. The cushioned flat shoes are ideal for women who need to be on their feet for long hours and have great balance making sure you don’t trip or fall while walking.

Metro Shoes

A name known throughout Pakistan is Metro Shoes that has been delivering stylish bridal wedding wear heels for women for decades. Their flat shoes include slippers, chappals and sandals for teenagers, young women and mature ladies as they stock a large variety of designs.
Their sole is thick with rubber padding that ensures that stylish shoes can also be comfortable and durable. The flats with straps are ideal for casual wear and have interesting straps, bows and patterns. The extra padded used in the ballet shoes makes it easy to wear for the whole day. The closed shoe design is available in formal neutral colours and sporty walking shoes with pretty dainty floral pattern.

Export Leftovers

Young women and teenagers want fun and colorful shoes that have a lower price point and can withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. The shoes available on Export Leftovers online ensures that walking shoes, sporty, party and casual shoes are all available in various sizes.

There are tripes, bright colours, tennis shoes and All Star style closed shoes that are unisex and easy to wear with jeans. There are fancy party wear flat shoes for women that have embellishments that include artificial crystals and beads that are great paired with formal dresses.

Saima Faisal Interiors

Re-creating Harmony & Elegance

It often happens that we plan to shop for furniture and some interior décor of our house and end up visiting myriads of stores without finding what we were looking for. The thought that you’d find what you are looking for is almost negligible. And that is why people nowadays go for bespoke furniture and interior because it not only defines them and their home, but it also reflects their history and values; and Saima Faisal Interiors know how to do the job!

Based in Lahore, Saima Faisal Interiors started with a concept of producing interiors and furniture. Initiated by Saima Shah, who is not only an NCA graduate with a degree in interior design, but has also worked on some major projects in the country along with the giants of the architecture for over ten years before deciding to go solo. SFI specializes in timeless elegant schemes that value design, acute attention to detail,taking inspiration from our own history and roots.

It offers you exclusivity; not only bespoke furniture can bring an indispensable amount of design and style to the functionality of any space, but it has a unique feel and look.

SFI is about aesthetic attitude and creating harmonious interiors that eschew the overly decorative in favour of authenticity. It is about defining and creating a personal life, a world that bears the water mark of an individual style, which is why in every design, every concept, every search for an object or work of art, they strive to re-create the original sense of harmony.

Their commitment to purity of design implies meticulous attention to detail and for that very purpose, at SFI, everything begins with craftsmanship. They deal in a wide range of furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, trays, gift boxes, lamps, floors, walls, stairs, couches, chest of drawers, desks, gates, doors, trunks, screens, stools, lanterns and much more along with providing interior services as well.

The work is done in high quality wood, leather and even stones; the items are hand crafted, painted and assembled.


Visit their profiles at Facebook and Instagram @saimafaisalinteriors to look at the amazing work. When you invest in custom wood furniture by Saima Faisal, you are most assuredly getting good value for your money. The craftsmanship is focused on producing quality, one-off piece for you which would endure the test of time.

Exclusive: One on one with Ramsha Khan

Women’s Own team sat down with this lovely girl for a casual chit chat about her journey and life in general.

WO: What inspired you to become an actor?
RK: My mother and my sister saw the actor in me and kept pushing me to give it a try. After a year of hearing them say you’re wasting your talent, I finally gave it a shot.


WO: Tell us about how you got started?
RK: Started with a talent agency, did a lot of commercials, then a film and now dramas.


WO: How has the journey been so far?
RK: The journey has been exceptionally good. Each project taught me a lesson.

WO: Which play or character you played has been your favourite up till now?
RK: Shifa from Mahetamam was my favourite character. And as for as overall play of mine, the favourite would be Kaisa Hai Naseeban.

WO: Are you working on any current projects? Tell us a little about them.
RK: I am actually. I cant reveal much! All I can say is that my character is very patakha type and the story is different from the dramas that are being made these days.

You have us intrigued Ramsha. Looking forward to your fresh new character and some change in the drama industry.


WO: What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?
RK: Every director is different. There are some technical lessons I’ve learned, for example to act with more pauses when it’s needed. And also to give music margin chuckles


WO: How do you manage a balance between personal and professional life?
RK: I don’t have friends in the industry, my friends are outside the industry. So I guess I just go to work all week and hang with friends on weekends.

WO: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
RK: Managing social media accounts.

WO: Give us a few tips to be a successful actor?
RK: I don’t know if there’s a formula for being successful. Although I believe I have a long way to go.I do however believe in the power of positivity. Be thankful for what you have and where you are at this point in life.Things will fall into place!

And to end on a lighter note…


WO: Who is your favorite actor?
RK: Leonardo DiCaprio!

We love him too!

Star: Ramsha Khan
Makeup: Gulali K Afridi Salon & Spa
Jewellery: Shaista Jewellery
Photographer: Jaffer Hasan
Designer: The Pink Tree Stylist : Amal Qadri
Concept & Coordination: Women’s Own Team

Hira Mani

Our drama industry has given us some fabulous artists and captivating serials. One such noteworthy drama is Do Bol. The drama serial by Wajahat Hussain introduced us to Hira Mani. Though usually caught amidst controversies and with a foot in her mouth, the most recent being her callousness regarding Corona, Hira does do justice to her roles in every character she plays. A mother of two and one of the top actresses in the drama industry, Women’s Own team had a chat with this dynamic person recently.


WO: Tell us about a role that you played which is closest to your heart?

HM: All the characters I’ve played are very close to my heart; I love them all. When you do readings about your character it doesn’t fascinate you, but once you start playing it, it becomes more impressive. Infact I’ve just done my “Ghalti” serial’s last shoot. I loved playing the character of Zaira in “Ghalti”.

Hira delved a little on how characters on paper are different from when you actually act them out.

HM: You know sometimes your character does sounds really impressive when you read it but when you start to play that character you feel like it’s so simple. Well whatever characters I’ve played so far have all have been so great. Whether it is the character of Roshni in Sun Yaara or else it is Gaiti Aara in Do Bol or Hania in Mere Pass Tum ho. My favorite characters in order would be Geeti from Yaqeen ka Safar, Roshni, GaitiAara, Zaira and Hania. But now my recent Character as a “Kashf” is coming which is more like connected to Allah (S.W.T) and whatever is connected with Allah (S.W.T) it automatically becomes beautiful. And I think when “Kashf” character will be aired it will be my number one Character.

WO: In a nutshell who’s Hira Mani?

HM: Hira Mani is a great fun thing. There are a lot of PR agencies out there, some of them want to work with you, some of them you want to work with. So, a few days ago a PR agency called me and said Hira I would like to take you on board. I told them something very interesting. I told them see you won’t tell me that you don’t do this and that or don’t post such pictures and you post pictures with kids a lot so don’t post them, or that I have to be formal for brands and all. I said if you will correct Hira Mani then Hira Mani won’t be the Hira Mani I am. Hira Mani is perfectly fine the way she is. So, Hira Mani is such a character even in reality with whom every girl can relate. No matter where they live because all the girls are like that, the way Hira Mani is and all my audience, my viewers specially girls they all are Hira Mani and I can see a Hira Mani in every girl. So in essence Hira Mani is a truth, whatever she is she is like that.

Hira went on to state:

HM: She is not fake, she is not two faced and she is so honest. Your real personality should be more like people automatically get inspired by and learn from you.  Your way of living life should be more like people get inspired from. Hira Mani has never pleased or impressed any one neither tried to be extra cool in front of anyone in her life. The way she is she is like that and people love her. So be normal, reality has both sides good and bad both. All things should be going together with check and balance. Hira Mani Love kids so much and in front of kids Hira Mani can’t see the world and hate that every single person who does wrong to kids in any form. I think in the world where you can’t have a good heart for kids so I say you are not even a human being, because if you don’t care for kids or don’t have love for kids for me they are like a tree just a standing tree.

That’s way too much third person or our taste but in the spirit of honest reporting, this is truly the answer we got for who this media sensation is in a nutshell.

WO: We have heard you’re a brilliant singer, when can we hear your official debut single?

HM: Yes, I am a good singer. My first official debut song has been completed and will be released soon on 7th march 2020 InshAllah and you have to listen and watch my song. Just may Allah (S.W.T) not punish me that’s what I am afraid of and this is the reason I’ve sung this song for the very first time in previous 10 years. There’s plenty of singers who actually pushed me to sing, but now I think the same singers are going to troll me who advised me to sing so let’s hope for the best. Allah (S.W.T) will make everything better.


WO: Tell us something about your next project Kashf?

HM: When I talk about Kashf, tears come in my eyes, it’s a pure and lovely script. It’s connected to every single girl who teaches religion, a girl who goes in people houses and teaches them Quran. A girl who is very close to Allah. It’s an amazing story. The fun part is I didn’t use glycerin for this project. I’ve cried by myself in every scene and I’ve never done this thing before in any serial.

WO: You’re one of the top actresses of our drama industry, so what’s next? When can we see you on the big screen?   

HM: I will definitely come on big screen and if I couldn’t make on big screen that’s completely fine. Cinema doesn’t attract me, so it’s fine if I couldn’t make it. I’m coming on television screen that’s a big thing for me because there is a big list of other hit actresses as well. My journey has not been so difficult at all but there was a time when I used to feed my son Ibraheem and Sanam Baloch, Saba Qamar and plenty of other actresses’ plays were going on which I used to watch and I was thinking in my head that how slim they are and how pretty they are looking. But I never knew how Allah (S.W.T) made ways for me my kids got grown up and I did my projects as well. So I feel so blessed whatever I’ve got right now and I want to do my best in it. Even I want to do films and pair with some big actors and to come on big screen and whenever Pakistan-India relations will be better again I would love to do a film with Vickey Koushal and Nawazudin Siddique and also with our Humayun Saeed. I felt very proud when Do Bol got hit. So I think my achievement is bigger than film. When I did a short character of Geeti in Yaqeen Ka Safar people loved it. Tamkinat in Dil Mom Ka Diya, it was a side character and literally people prayed and stopped Imran Ashraf on airport and asked him will you leave her or go to her. Hania in Mere Pass Tum Ho, with Aiza Khan, Adnan Siddique and Humayun Saeed there, who knew that Hania will be noticed, but Hania got attention of people. So I’ve put a lot of effort to turn these character out fantastically. My directors have helped me, guided me a lot. Like the way Wajaahat Hussain put his 100% effort in Do Bol. Danish Nawaz did an amazing job in Sun Yaara. So Basically these are my big achievements till now and I’m hoping for best in the coming time.

Star: Hira Mani

Designer: Khadija Batool

Concept & Styling : Women’s Own Team

Photographer: Umair Bin Nisar

Makeup: Zubair x Sabs The Salon

Coordination: Thomas Fernandes

Home Décor: Rijjel Artistry by Rida

Embedding Art In Spirit

Not many people in Pakistan are familiar with the term Resin Art, although you might have seen it online for sale. But it doesn’t mean that we do not have resin artists here. We have some dare-devils working on it, but only few are experts due to the complexity of the materials and dexterity it requires.

Resin Art describes the art form of creating art objects with epoxy resin. Resin can be used to design paintings, as well as to produce varnishes, resin jewelry, petri dishes and various other castings of any kind known as Resin Casting. Beside classical clear castings you can also cast all kinds of objects like natural materials, stones, glitter and many other things. The artists can let their imagination run wild and thus it requires the dedication of a darvesh perhaps to master it. We came across one such person who is a darvesh in a sense that she is a great admirer of Rumi; his teachings and philosophy has inspired her work, dedication and spirit: Rida Saad of Rijjel Artistry.

Rijjel Artistry by Rida is an online store which creates Epoxy Resin Art. Consoles, tables, coasters, wall art, trays, stool stands, dining tables are some of the items created by them. Not only Rijjel is about resin art, they also make live edge wooden tables, wall paintings in medium like oil, acrylic, charcoal and abstract and resin décor items as well. The pieces of art are embellished by acrylic crystals, glass crystals, pigments, glitters, and metal or gold frames.

As a self-taught artist, Rida has come a long way and is one of the few artists who are working with Resin on a large scale. Starting her journey back in 2018, she changed her personal tragedy into her strength, being a mother of two it was quite a challenge. Her work and creativity functioned as her therapists and brought her out of depression and anxiety caused by the trauma. Rida`s husband has supported and still supports her throughout. In spite of all the hardships which life puts in her path, she survived and managed to explore her talent and skills. Her work is a manifestation of her passion and dedication to life and resin art; she pours her heart and soul into each and every piece she creates and hence it inspires.

“Why are you enchanted by this World, when a mine of gold lies within you?” These beautiful verses of Maulana Rumi are beautifully depicted by Rida in her Whirling Darvesh Resin Tables and Whirling Darvesh Wall Art; she is the first to introduce it and it is her signature and most popular item.

Her resin top tables, resin poured live edge table nests and resin consoles and mirrors are no less than a marvel to look at with their intricate golden metal stands and abstract cuts in natural wood containing galaxies of colors with layers and layers of pigments, resin and pure exquisiteness embellished with her favorite metallic birds; one of a kind tables where wood is polished with grains and texture keeping the originality of wood. Maple leaf shaped live edge tables are her signature item.

The signature Agate stone inspired Resin Wall Art on MDF and wood with resin and metallic pigments, micas, glitters, gold flakes and metallic gold in various textures is not only excellent for rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit, but it also cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate also enhances mental function and analytical abilities.

Other signature items are her Live Edge Sheesham Wood Trunk Coffee Table, Princess Resin Tray Table made for few lucky clients, themed coasters made with 100% resin, Resin jewelry trays, Resin Ocean Live Edge Table Nests, and much more to enhance your home décor and adding a signature touch to your living space.

From free deliveries in all over Karachi, Rida’s work has reached all corners of Pakistan and abroad as well. She has large cliental of national and international customers who can’t get enough of her work. Her art is a once-in-life-time experience customized for you only. Visit her profile on Facebook @rijjelartistrybyrida and Instagram @rijjel_artistry_by_rida to look at her amazing and marvelous work.


One Stone At A Time, The goddess of everything: AMULMUMTAZ .

An Educator , a Gold Medalist ,Entrepreneur and Culinary Artist; AmulMumtaz Khan sets no boundaries to her craft . She does everything in such perfection that she blooms to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.  A dedicated mother and a devoted wife, An inspiration for all young women out there . Who are unstoppable at what they do whether in the domestic arena or professional. She did her high-school from LGS Defence Lahore, her diploma in Culinary Arts Under Fine Dining from Taylor’s University. Followed by a BSc from University of London in International Business with 7 Distinctions & a World Distinction in Multinational Enterprises and an MBA from Cardiff Business School UK with 3 distinctions.


She says “ I have just started , passion and profession together make a match in heaven. Just start small and dream big.”

W/O – How difficult is it to be married to an Airforce officer?

AMK- Just as difficult as marrying any man. I love my husband dearly and have always seen the Airforce as my family . It’s a matter of perception. I take it as my unique medal.

W/O – Did you always have a skill to self grooming or was it developed deliberately?

AMK-I feel self grooming is just as important as breathing. It’s education. Definitely develops overtime but one must always keep updated . As women we must know everything regardless of its requirement at the moment.

W/O -How do you manage a baby at home and working for Appen as a Senior Data Analyst with such dedication ?

AMK -I think it’s challenging, but not impossible. Strict timetables and dedication.Luckily I have a support system around me . My father , my husband and my darling brother. Having Hania has definitely been the biggest blessing in my life . Will have it no other way.


W/O – What are the no zones for you . How do you deal with difficult people?

You know what they say, even if yours the ripest ,juiciest peach in the world there will still be someone who hated peaches . I love my haters .. they keep me going. For difficult people , cut them off . If not literally then mentally.  Cheating, lying , doublecrossing and disrespect. Big no zones . Don’t have the time for such negativity .

WO – Where do you see yourself in future?

AMK – I think I have just started. Maybe a PhD and as a stronger Business Analyst. Setting my own school. A happy person.. a dreamer.

Sitarey by Mehnaz

The Perfect Handcrafted Clutches!


A perfect clutch is every woman’s favourite accessory, isn`t it? Glimmering in humble dwellings across Pakistan – the talented female artisans whose craftwork transform beads, sequins and ‘gotta’ into a clutch any woman can cherish and hold are the true stars of ‘Sitarey by Mehnaz’.

Mehnaz Karamat, the female entrepreneur with a social impact focus, wants to move the needle for women empowerment. Sitarey by Mehnaz works with and empowers female artisans across Pakistan by providing livelihood in the safety of their homes.


The elaborate and meticulous attention to detail by the skilled ‘Sitarey’ artisans is breathtaking. If you want to stand out at every occasion in every season, wear a Sitarey.

Sitarey by Mehnaz believes in making true handcrafted clutches, an art form that is rather vanishing today. There is no use of machinery involved in any part of the design and creation process. The finesse etched in each stitch adds the final twinkle that sets the wearer apart.

For a quick look, check out their Instagram pages of ‘Sitarey by Mehnaz’ on ‘Sitareybym’ and www.sitareybymehnaz.com

Affordable Makeup that Beats High-End

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we were to say that the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation is one of the best, most luxurious feeling foundations at the drugstore. When it comes to luxury makeup most of our money is going towards the bougie packaging. Now you may or may not be okay with that, but Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty manages to give you this superior quality product in the most beautiful, expensive looking packaging at a very affordable price. It gives a dewy finish but also has a solid medium coverage and goes on smooth and flawless. We kid you not, this legit feels like our Chanel. Be sure to check this out.

ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip

Have you been trying to ace that perfect, your lips but better, barely there stained lip look that makes you appear fresh and naturally beautiful? Inspired by celebrities worldwide, we surely have. But the problem in real life with stains or blotting a regular lipstick is the lack of staying power. ColourPop provides the solution by presenting its ultra blotted lip formula. This feels like a liquid lipstick except its lighter so goes on more comfortable, and once it dries it gives the lips the prefect blotted look. The best part is, it stays all day.

Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, there’s no denying that Maybelline hits it out of the park. While we adore almost all the mascara tubes they churn out, the iconic yellow and purple Colossal Volum’ Express holds a special place in our heart. It is the blackest black, gives insane volume, length and drama, and knows how to hold a curl. It easily competes with our high end favorites. We love how widely available it is and given that mascaras need to be tossed out much more frequently than other makeup products, we love the price point too. Give this a try if you haven’t!

Dracula (2020) – Netflix

Drama, Horror



The legendary vampire gets some fresh blood this year!

For the fans of Gothic and Classic, Netflix and BBC has brought a unique blend of drama, humor, horror, literature and some gore! Yes, none other than your favourite novel Dracula by Bram Stoker is adapted for the screen once again by masters in the art, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.


Danish Superstar, Claes Bang stars as the title character ‘Count Dracula’ with Dolly Wells as Sister Agatha Van Helsing / Dr Zoe Van Helsing, John Heffernan as Jonathan Harker and Morfydd Clark as Mina Murray.


This series follows Dracula from his origins in Eastern Europe to his battles with Van Helsing’s descendants and beyond. Netflix’s description reads: “The Count Dracula legend transforms with new tales that flesh out the vampire’s gory crimes and bring his vulnerability into the light.”

The series consists of 3 episodes only, but will leave you quite full yet, thirsty for more.




Fate is not as cruel as we take it to be and it so happens that it gives you another chance at love and life both if you  know where to look. For the lovers of romance genre Geo Entertainment has brought a treat: Deewangi. It is a romantic television series, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under their production banner 7th Sky Entertainment. With Danish Taimoor and Hiba Bukhari in the lead, the serial will make you fall in love with love again.


Living with her cruel brother-in-law, ambitious Nageen Faiyaz works several menial jobs to break free from the shackles of poverty and dependence. Working as a bus hostess, she meets Sultan Durrani; soon-to -be politician with great influence. Drawn by her presence, Sultan falls for Nageen, at first sight. Unaware of the intensity of what is to come next, he publicly expresses his emotions to Nageen. The following events change the course of their lives and career. With the support from her friends, Nageen attempts to start afresh.


Unable to resolve his difference with Nageen, Sultan sets on the mission to find her again. Written by the creative mind, Sadia Akhtar and  Directed by Zeeshan Ahmed Watch Drama Serial Deewangi 8 PM Every Wednesday.



After the phenomenal success of on-air Drama serial Deewangi at Geo tv, 7th Sky Entertainment – Abdullah Kadwani, and Asad Qureshi are back with another gripping story line, “Muqaddar”.

With Faisal Qureshi and Madiha Imam in the lead the serial follows the story of Raima who is an independent and ambitious Radio Jockey and FM Radio Presenter who wants to make a name for herself. At work, she gets the opportunity to interview her colleague Saad’s influential businessman uncle, Saif.


Unexpectedly, Saif instantly falls in love with her and then uses all his influence and power to force Raima into marrying him.Little does Raima know what awaits her at her new home. With little support from her own family and constant animosity from Saif’s household, Raima must now face every challenge alone.


Written by the famous Iqbal Bano and Director by Shehrazade Sheikh the serial goes on air every Monday at 8:00 PM.