The Other Side of Istanbul; Night Life

BY Anmol Pinjani & Divya Doultani


If you wish to experience a buzzing night life with your friends, then making travel plans to Istanbul in winters is a splendid idea.

Start your day with exploring random streets and shopping to make yourself feel comfortable in a new city. Familiarise with the environment. The most hustling and bustling streets of Istanbul are Galata – for cheap shopping, Istiklal – for all the local/international brands and Kadikoy – for local street shopping and scrumptious seafood.

The idea of exploring streets shouldn’t be limited to shopping only, but interacting and engaging with locals can help you see places through their lens. For me the most exciting part about this trip was to make new friends and creating meaningful conversations that made me understand their perspective of life. In the beginning, one might be wary of initiating conversations with total strangers but once you do you realise that the Turkish people are humble, trustworthy and amiable. There was a language barrier but Google translator came to the rescue!

If you are lucky enough to make some local friends like I was, the next step is to “Fly to the Moon” – (“Aya” in Turkish – the most running song in clubs during my visit).

Experiencing the night life with locals is truly is a roller coaster ride which you don’t want to miss. You will literally find bar and clubs on every corner of street but the real challenge is to find a good club with decent crowd. To avoid disappointment, ask for suggestions from your local friends according to your taste in music and dance. A few of the mainstream clubs that I enjoyed were Riddim, Lupe and Beat at Taksim Square. However, if you are a techno lover and dancing fanatic like me, then I suggest Mentha Nova, Module Istanbul and Suma Han for all those trippy vibes.

The party in Istanbul is never over as according to them the night is always young! You will find some of the clubs open just for after party or pubs where you can chill and have a peaceful chat. One of the best way to end your day is to go for a long drive with friends and see the three iconic bridges (Bosphorus, Fatih Sultan and Galata) which shine like a diamond at night and will please your mind aesthetically.

After all the experiences in Istanbul, I realized that along with the night life being super exciting and fun, the idea is all about meeting new people and making heartfelt connections.

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